When we build a new home, we check whether we are acquiring all kinds of comforts in the house like the kitchen, rooms, hall, garden and the pleasant surroundings of the home also it is that much important that we are checking the secureness of our new home. Locksmith Seattle is the best solution for the security of their house.

It is essential to check the secureness because we can live in our new homes without any fear. If we are well secured, we can get rid of the unfortunate circumstances of burglaries at our homes, and we mustn’t compromise quality anywhere when we are building a new home.

  • 12 ways that you can make your home secure
  1. Build a proper security camera set up around your home:

It is crucial to have a good camera set up around your home because they can capture the surroundings of our house, making the surroundings secure. It is essential to have both hiding and visible cameras around your home.

 If you keep a visible camera, it will make the burglars fear of cameras and stop them from making a burglary. And if still, some dare to break those cameras even and make a burglary they can be caught by these hidden cameras of small size. Electricity supply when a power cut occurs to make the cameras work.

  1. Right quality doors with reliable locking system :

It is essential to have the main door made of durable wood because it almost stops most of the burglaries because to cut the doors, the equipment makes at least sound that is hearable. 

It is always good to have a sound locking system because it could create the burglar’s difficulty in breaking the lock, and the lock system pattern shouldn’t be hackable by locksmiths Seattle instead use smart locks. Use video doorbells so that you can see who is there outside your house.

  1. Have the border walls around your home with traps:

It is always a great idea to have good wall security around the home like electric mesh, glass pieces on the border wall, or pressure-induced sirens around the wall. 

The pressure-induced sirens work in such a way that it can identify when a thief climbs on the wall, there would be a small pipe which compresses and makes siren when the weight higher than 25 KG falls on it which is the average human weight which alerts us when a thief comes. So it is better to have the border with hidden traps.

  1. Don’t choose a remote place for your house 

It is because when no houses are surrounding you, it could make some fear in you when there are times only you singly should stay at home. Burglars very often choose such type of houses for theft. Choose an apartment that surrounds many people.

  1. Get some pets like dogs at your new house

Because we know that dogs are very loyal and faithful to their masters, they are very much experts in identifying when new persons come home; they usually bark louder when they see strange people in their surroundings. Hence, it is the best idea to keep a dog at home. 

  1. Make sure that windows are solidly built

Because windows are primary targets for thieves to enter our house, so make sure that windows are built strong with good locking ability. Keep the bolts from inside rather than outside so that thieves can’t unscrew the bolts. Also, Locksmith Seattle locks the windows correctly.

  1. Always keep fire extinguishers at home

It is essential to keep fire extinguishers at home because there is a chance that minor fire accidents can lead to severe damages to our house. It may include even human loss so, stop before it exaggerates using fire extinguishers, so have fire extinguishers preinstalled.

  1. Always garden the plants in your garden

Because if there are some large plants or trees, they may act as a hideout for thieves so always cut the grass and garden them so that they are at a minimum distance and hiding places get eliminated. So, we can quickly identify if someone is hiding in between them.

  1. Always lock your garage properly

Your garage may contain many valuables like a car or any vehicle or any costly items in the garage. Usually, people have the habit of leaving the garage open; it is always better to have the garage appropriately closed and also install a well-secured lock to your garage instead of leaving it recklessly.

  1. Install Good safe with smart lock 

It is essential to have an excellent safe made of durable metal and with high secured smart locks. Because we very often store many valuables like gold and money in Locksmith Seattle so, don’t compromise in getting a durable safe because a safe with key locking system is not much secured.

 After all, the workers in our house may observe the place where we hide the keys and can steal our money. We can even preserve the forms related to our assets in our safe. So, buy the right safe with high security.

  1. Guard your Wi-Fi by setting a firewall 

If we have Wi-Fi, then it is always better to have strong passwords and virus protection to your Wi-Fi connection; because there is a chance that it can get hacked, and the hacker can know many details related to the passwords. Suppose we use some smart locks to lock.

 Hackers can quickly see if they get hacked because we usually store much data related to passwords on our mobile phones or laptops.

  1. Keep the yard neat and clean

In case if there is a burglary when you are not at home. And the thieves have stolen from your home. If you gave a police complaint, the police could quickly get the clues related to the thief if the yard was neat and clean. Because there is no perfect thief who doesn’t leave any evidence, so keep your yard neat and clean.