4 Services That Every Graphic Design Company Should Offer

46 percent. As per data shared by Finances Online, 46 percent of people associate a brand’s credibility with its website’s design! Similarly, Research Gate reveals that 94 percent of first impressions formed of a company are based on design elements or visuals.

Considering how important graphic designs are for effectively marketing a product, you must be very careful when selecting a graphic design agency for your business. After all, only a company that offers the right services will help you create a lasting impression through all your mediums.

All professional graphic design companies should offer are the top four services. Make sure to invest in one that checks the most boxes!

1. Customized graphic designs

Every graphic designing company will offer you graphic designs (Duh! Hence, the name). But, the key is to select a business that offers customization.

This is because different industries have varying needs. For starters, when the colour red is used by a fast-food chain, it signifies energy. But, when used in the automotive sector, it reflects power and strength. While both have positive connotations, the image they relay varies.

So, when creating graphic designs, you must be mindful of the colours and typography you use. A customized design will be able to understand your brand’s purpose and then align the visuals accordingly to give off the right vibe. A standard design will not be able to do so.

Rather than opting for a service that offers run-of-the-mill solutions, you need to look for customization.

2. Logo Designing

Among all the identifiers of a brand, its logo is by far the most recognized. It ensures that your product is picked from a sea of other options when placed in an aisle. It also allows consumers to form associations between your many marketing campaigns by recognizing them as belonging to your company.

A professional graphic design company should always offer logo designing services as well. This is because visuals are an important element of a logo. Whether it be typography, choosing the right colour or the artwork, it all comes together to create an identifier that people resonate with.

For starters, think of Nike. A mere swoosh now signifies the brand purpose of Nike about “just doing it” and how there is an athlete in us all. That’s the power of a well-made logo.

If you opt for a logo designing service from the agency, ask them to design a logo that is:

  • Relevant to your business, category and brand purpose.
  • Timeless to be able to retain its significance for years to come.
  • Scalable to ensure that it doesn’t lose its meaning regardless of the size of the marketing collateral.
  • Memorable enough to be recognizable among different options.
  • Simple so that it is easy to identify.

A well-designed logo goes a long way, and a company that does it for you is crucial for your branding efforts.

3. Brand Identity

Your branding team will be able to form the key aspects of your company’s branding efforts. This includes brand purpose and personality.

However, a graphic designing agency that offers brand identity as a service will be able to piece it all together to create indicators for your business to use for years to come. These are called branding guidelines.

Let’s take Dove as an example.

It envisions looking beyond societal imperfections and dubs everyone as being perfect. Its branding guideline includes using serene colours like blue and white to give off a welcoming image. It also uses sleek typography to give off a soothing look.

These elements are part of its branding guidelines since they have remained consistent for years. This has allowed Dove to create a trustworthy brand identity.

A graphic designing company can help create these branding guidelines and, by extension, the brand identity of a business or a product. This way, regardless of what stage your business is in in the future, you can retain this knowledge to ensure consistency in your brand.

4. Responsive UX/UI

In today’s world, mobile responsiveness is crucial. In fact, according to Good Firms, 71 percent of designers are of the view that poor responsiveness leads to an increased bounce rate on a website.

And a website is much more than a bunch of web design elements. A quality graphic designing company will keep in mind the user-friendliness of the site. And for this, creating a responsive UX/UI is essential.

It is important to note that a web designer and a UX/UI designer are two different people, as they are different fields. While one focuses on the design element, the other helps bring the design to life. Only an agency can offer you both services that are cohesive with one another.

If you seek a company to create your website, make sure they offer responsive designs. Remember that mobiles work differently than the desktop version of the site. And it would be best if you had different designs for the two. The only difference is that in the case of a mobile, the design needs to be responsive to be usable on various phones.

A quality UX/UI understands this and can deliver a responsive design. As a majority of the traffic comes from mobiles, this ensures that your business reaches a significant chunk of your audience.

Ending Remarks

Ideally, all graphic design agencies should offer these four essential services. However, this is not always the case. And even if they do, not all are up to the mark in these services. Make sure you select a business that doesn’t just offer these services but is also great at them.

Once you choose the right graphic designing agency, you can at least stop worrying about how your brand looks to the world. You can then focus on generating revenue streams by perfecting the products and their logistics.

With marketing and operations sorted, nothing stops you from leading a successful business. Good luck!

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