A bathroom is a private space for the individual to do their deed. Many individuals prefer their privacy in such enclosures. As such, no rule suggests one shouldn’t have an aesthetic bathroom. In today’s scenario, where everyone goes for designer appliances and clothes, designer bathrooms are also fashionable. As such, individuals prefer products from designer bathroom services like Toto washlet, etc. There are a plethora of choices for individuals to choose from and enjoy. As such, this article will convey the various products that are available on the market. It will also elucidate the features of these products. 

Products Available 

Many individuals prefer purchasing these stone tops for their aesthetics. They’re ergonomically designed and have a high range of functionalities. As such, individuals prefer using these countertops for storage and sink needs. 

I) Stone Tops

These bathroom countertops made using stone are excellent products delivered by professionals. These professionals have a separate designer line assigned to each stone top. As such, here are some types.

  • Benelli –

    The Benelli series of countertops has oak and walnut finished stones. These stones are natural and add a beautiful look to one’s bathroom. As such, they also have high storage space and double up for sink needs.

  • Cube –

    The Cube series is a wall-hung alternative. These countertops have exquisite designs. They’re minimalistic and are thus preferred by many individuals in today’s scenario.

ii) Shaving Cabinets –

Shaving cabinets are some of the best products available for men. These have a lot of space to store things and can also double up as counters for medicines. Many individuals across the world prefer purchasing a shaving cabinet for all their essential grooming products. Having said this, professionals providing designer products like Toto washlet and other products offer polyurethane cabinets for such individuals. 

iii) Toilets –

These professionals also provide toilets as one sees in five-star hotels and on the TV. They have various types that individuals can pick from based on their requirements. While some might enjoy a wall-hanging seat, another might prefer a back-to-wall toilet. In such instances, these professionals understand the needs of their clients before suggesting the best choice.

iv) Baths and Associated Products –

The Toto washlet series also provides stone baths for individuals. These baths are exquisite products developed using natural stone. Many individuals prefer bathing in a bathtub. As such, there are a plethora of benefits to using stone baths. Research suggests that hot baths in a stone tub are helpful to human health. These professionals also deliver taps and shower sprouts with matching aesthetics. They’re available in various color formats like gloss, matte, and even transparent colors. 

Services Provided 

Regardless of the exquisite products these professionals provide, they also have many services designed to please their clients. As such, here are some of the services delivered by these professionals.

i) Delivery –

These professionals provide the delivery of these products. It is indeed an arduous task to carry heavy items. Professionals provide ease-of-service to these customers. 

ii) Returns –

While providing exquisite products, these professionals also have return policies. Their goal is to provide complete satisfaction to their clients. As such, they pursue this endeavor by accepting returns within 30 days of delivery during unfortunate events. 

iii) After-Sales-

Professionals offering designer lines like the Toto Washlet also deliver after-sales service to their customers. While many customers might have issues regarding the functionalities of various products, these professionals convey pertinent information. They also assist during the installation process, which can be quite arduous if individuals have no prior experience. 

In conclusion, designer bathrooms are trending today. While many individuals might be of the misconception that these products are expensive, they’re priced reasonably for their features. As such, many individuals prefer purchasing these products for their houses in today’s scenario.