5 Best A94 Oppo Mobile Case Accessory 2022

When you buy a new phone or tablet, you get some accessories within the box. But it is always the case that you need is not in the box or it is not that design you want. Sometimes, the case that come with the mobile is not of good quality that can protect your phone from any damage or scratch. If you have bought a new Oppo A94 mobile and want a case for it, then you are on right article. Here in this article, we will list 5 best a94 Oppo case wholesaler that will protect your phone from dust, scratches, and damage.

1. TTJ transparent case for OPPO A94

In third place is another case from TTJ. This is a set containing a case and a protective glass for the screen. The glass delivers crystal clear images and maintains sensitivity at just 0.33mm thick. The 9H hardness makes this protector resistant to scratches, grease, dust, fingerprints and impacts.

2. YZKJ case for OPPO A94

Second on our list is the YZKJ case. This is a transparent overlay that comes with a protective glass for the screen. The transparent backing material shows off the back of your phone, keeping it safe from scratches and damage, while the glass does the same job for the screen. The cover is made of silicone – light and at the same time durable.

3. FZZ Case Kit for OPPO A94

And we give the first place to the protective set FZZ. The kit comes with protective glass, as well as transparent and black bumpers. In short, this is a complete set to keep your phone safe and sound. The bumpers included in the kit are made of high quality silicone TPU and prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.


Our fourth choice is SZCINSEN Case that is made up of premium quality PU material. The best thing about this case is it is shock and dust proof which means you don’t need to worry if you drop the phone. Moreover, the case has 4 card slots that let you put 4 cards inside it. For convenient viewing, it has built-in kickstand. In case of accidental drop, the magnetic flip will protect your phone. It is the most loved Oppo A94 case because of it extra protection for damages, dents, and abrasions.

5. Generic Case

The last one on our list is Generic Case that suits with almost all 9 line series but best suits with A9 and A94. The case is made from dual-layered TPU material that is hard enough to protect your phone from damages. It is also hard to wear off which means if by mistake you drop phone, it will not let go of your phone till end. Moreover, it helps to protect against dents, scratches, and bumps because of air-cushion technology. The design is cut perfectly that it will not cover the camera and sensors. It also has a kickstand feature for 360 degrees convenient viewing that makes it reliable and long lasting.

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