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5 Keyword Research Tools to Create Optimized Content

Today, in this era of online businesses and digital appearance, there is a certain race between brands where they are always in competition to be better than one and other. They are competing to come to the top to be the number one brand for people. However, digital businesses may seem easy to do but it is nothing close to that. It needs time, effort, and consistency to stay in the market and grow.

out of many important things, some most important things are to stay prominent in customer’s sight, be visible to them, and be available to entertain their needs at any hour of the day. To accomplish these purposes, the businesses make their moves towards digital platforms. These platforms provide businesses the biggest opportunity of interacting with the audience as communication is the key element needed for prominence.

Businesses have their accounts on multiple social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They have their professional business accounts on LinkedIn. They also have Wikipedia pages to increase the reach of the business. Wikipedia is indeed a great platform for information giving and brand awareness. One can easily learn how to create a Wikipedia page for a business and get started on the process within no time.

The Ultimate Need for SEO Friendly Content Business Map

However, to get online success, one of the major things is the content. The content is the basic driver of digital businesses, the better the content, the more the effectiveness. Usually, businesses create content that is SEO friendly and can hold the audience attention.

To create SEO friendly content, the basic elements are the keywords. They play a vital role in lead generation. With the right keywords, a business can reach to the top of the search engine. Keywords are basically the words mostly used by the audience while looking for answers online. For instance, you want to search about the process of Wikipedia page creation, the keyword that you will search for is ‘how to make a Wikipedia page’.

Precisely, keywords are the drivers for attractive content, therefore, businesses use multiple software to generate these. Here is the list of five keyword research tools to create optimized content.

1.    Answer The Public

This keyword research tool tells you about the questions widely asked by the people. They also entertain some other queries. They generate these keywords from the Google autocomplete results. It is a free tool for only two searches a day, and then one has to pay. This tool is highly effective for finding creative and optimized topic ideas.

2.    Google Keyword Planner

This research tool is for Google keyword research. People use it to get an idea about the topics on the basis of ten seed keywords or from any website URL. This platform does not have any limitations on search volumes at all. It is used for finding keywords that might be impossible to find through other keywords research tools.

3.    Ahref’s Keyword Generator

This is yet another great keyword research tool that gives you the top 100 keyword ideas for any seed keyword from the database of more than 10 billion keywords. This database is generated from the searches of more than 170 countries in the world. It highlights the monthly search volume for each suggestion (which is an estimation) and keyword difficulty score for the initial 10 ideas. Along with Google, this research tool can find keywords for YouTube, Amazon, and Bing as well.

4.    Google Trends

This is the best tool if you want to know the popularity of a topic in multiple intervals of time. It tells you how much have a topic trended and what is its current status. One can use this to catch up on the latest trends to create content that is needed at the present time. This tool saves you from creating content on irrelevant topics and saves you a good time to invest somewhere else.

5.    Keyworddit

Keyworddit is a research tool that extracts the keywords from Reddit. Just add a subedit and it will give you a long list of keywords along with highlighting their monthly search volume. It informs about the topics your customers are interested in including the topics that may

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