If we ask people about Instagram, most of them will say nothing more than a social media platform. But we believe it is more than just sharing videos and connecting with people. Before Instagram, people only had Facebook for the same purpose. When Instagram came, the number of active users grew more rapidly than one could think of

The way Instagram is attracting people, and youngsters mostly, it won’t take long for it to reach the top position in terms of active users. And all this has made it a platform of opportunities. You can become famous, make money through it, gain more clients, run a business more effectively, etc. Furthermore, you can influence a large population and bring a change to society through it.

There are a lot more things that we didn’t mention. But what matters is that if someone has a vision similar to the mentioned things, they should know that this is possible only with more followers. And it’s not that easy to achieve this, but not that difficult too. Also, there is a huge difference between fake and legitimate followers. So, if you are one of those who are eager for some real Instagram followers, then read through to find out what we have for you.

5 Tips That Could Help You Get More Instagram Followers

1. Make the most of your bio

When anyone visits your Instagram, you create a first impression with the bio. You can either ruin it or do the best with it. Putting one or more URL in your bio that brings a user to your website is common nowadays. We suggest adding a link that takes the visitor to your best content on Instagram until now. It has the potential to make that visitor your follower. Also, keep changing that link every 10 or 20 days when you post something better than before.

2. Consistency is the key

Not everyone tries being consistent, and that is the biggest flaw for someone seeking Instagram followers. Some account holders have been undeviating from the very beginning, and that worked out for them, while some are not, and you must have seen the difference. So, if you really want some real followers, you have to be consistent. Avoid posting randomly, don’t spam, and be regular with your posts, as it makes your account active and worthy.

3. Promote your account everywhere

Instead of paying some freelancers to get you more followers, try promoting yourself wherever you can. You can help people discover and be aware of your presence on Instagram through your website, blog, or other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The process requires effort, but you will receive engagement from some authentic users rather than having thousands of uninterested followers. If you are unable to promote it by yourself, buy real active instagram followers from Instapalace.

4. Use hashtags

Other than some creative captions on your Instagram posts, you can try out using hashtags. If you keep posting without hashtags, very few people will come to know about your account. Using hashtags offers you the benefit of bringing some target audience, i.e., people looking for exactly what you are providing.

Let’s suppose you post motivational quotes on your account. Now, if someone searches #motivationalquotes, they can discover your account if it has this hashtag. So, make sure to add hashtags in every post. Also, keep it related to your content, not anything random, just for clickbait showing desperation.

5. Don’t forget the existing followers

This one requires extra attention. While searching for new followers, don’t forget what brought you the followers you already have. Always think from a user perspective, not as an owner. Keep posting content that your existing followers want. Don’t change the objective because of some ongoing trend as it will surely bring a new audience, but the old ones will get annoyed and possibly unfollow you.

Final words We have compiled all the tips that could turn out to be fruitful for your Instagram account. Remember one thing that you won’t get followers overnight unless you do something extraordinary. But if you are aimed at one thing on this platform, relish the journey towards success. Don’t get misguided and stay consistent throughout your path, and then, all these tips will work for sure.