Cultivating a digital presence is more important than ever before. For many brands, the digital sphere is far more important than their physical stores and conventional marketing methods. 

With this shift in brand management, companies need to do what they can to get the most from their digital presence. Whether you have an in-house team or work with a startup branding agency, now is the time to start putting more time and attention into digital brand management. 

Fortunately, there are a few brand management trends that can help companies get ahead of the competition.

Omnichannel Marketing

Most businesses already know that they need to have a broad online presence that includes their website and a range of social media platforms. Being able to reach customers through a variety of channels is great, but the strongest effect comes when you develop a true omnichannel experience.

With omnichannel marketing, you recognize the fact that customers might encounter or interact with your brand on multiple channels. To create a true omnichannel experience, a brand tracks interactions across platforms and uses consistent branding and messaging to provide a more cohesive experience for the consumer. 

Optimize for Visual Search

Visual search is growing in importance. You still need to pay attention to text search, but you now have a range of visual search services that are getting more popular. This is especially true when you look at younger consumers. If you are going to take advantage of this trend, you need to optimize for visual search.

The first step for this optimization is to have more high-quality images of your products on your website. Put multiple images of each product on your site and make sure it is covered from different angles. You should also make sure to add names and descriptions to the images using relevant keywords and create an image sitemap.

Brand Values Matter

Most consumers of a few decades ago didn’t spend much time thinking about a brand’s values. This has changed. According to one report, 83% of people aged 18-34 say it is important to buy from companies that align with their values. Even most people 35-54 (73%) and 55 and older (60%) find brand values to be an important consideration.

This means that brands need to consider the values of their customers. When you create branded content, you need to make sure it reflects the values of your core customers. Many of your customers might also expect your brand to speak out or show support for different issues.

Offer Interactive Content

Content that is just seen or heard is still important, but interactive content can take your digital presence to the next level. When customers can interact with branded content, it will make the experience more memorable and it will also help to build a stronger connection between the brand and the consumer.

Brands should start developing a strategy for interactive content. Some of the simple options could include quizzes or polls. A contest for user-generated content can be another option for an interactive experience. You could also consider creating interactive tools to help customers find the right products or infographics that respond to the inputs of the consumer.

A Better Digital Experience

We are moving into a digital-first world. More customers are coming to prefer interacting with brands in digital spaces. As this trend continues to grow, it becomes crucial for brands to build these experiences out and make them more convenient.

Beyond just having a website and a presence on a few social media platforms, more brands might need to consider building an app of their own. You might also need to consider things like online chatbots to offer a service that is more convenient and available at any time. Customers are also starting to expect experiences that are more personalized for their tastes and their needs.

Digital brand management is the way of the future. If you are not meeting customers in digital spaces and offering a good experience, your brand is going to get lost in this competitive marketplace. With these five trends, you can position your brand for success.

Infographic created by Clover, a credit card processing company