MBA Essay is a crucial point for you to display your deservingness to your target business school. It contains 15% weightage in your application. The MBA essay allows you to show your abilities that you can not show in your resume.

But, do you know the different methods that admission officers use to evaluate your application?

In this blog, I’ll explain the 5 different types of MBA Essay examples through which the business school administration evaluates your application.

So, Let’s discuss.

Following are the 5 types of MBA Essay Examples.

Goals Essay: This is a common essay that you can see each business school’s application. The motive of this essay is to understand your plans and willingness to come to Business school.

For illustration

Darden: What is your short-term MBA goal, and why? ( 150 words)

Booth: How does the Booth MBA support you to achieve your post-MBA career goal? ( 250 words)

Self-Reflection Essay: This is a broad classification that contains several sets of MBA essays. For instance, some schools ask you to introduce yourself to your classmates. Contrary, Stanford GSB asks applicants to talk about what matters to them a lot and why. To answer both these questions, you need to do self-analysis.

Some examples of MBA essays are as follows:

Tuck: Tell us who you are? (300 words)

Kellogg: What values are meaningful to you, and how they affected you? ( 450 words )

Contribution Essay: Group work activities are foremost in some schools. So, a student needs to be active. It helps them in their success and growth. The contribution essay helps schools to examine what applications should be accepted.

For Illustrations:

ISB: If there will be 900 students in one class. Why should you be one of them? (400 words)

Leadership Essay: In this kind of essay, you get an opportunity to share your past experiences and future possibilities with the admission committee. For instance:

INSEAD: Describe the success of which you are most proud and explain why?

Darden: please give an example of a situation in which you made a meaningful impact? (200 words)

Video Essay: Video essays are generally a new development. These papers give you a chance to do retakes and present your opinion in a considered way or record your unprepared video.

These articles show your leader’s presence and capacity to think and react quickly. These could allow the admission board to survey more sensitive parts of your application like non-verbal communication, relational skills, and good judgment.

The examples of such MBA Essays are:

Kellogg (unprepared video): What are your career goals? How will you achieve them, and how will Kellogg help you?

MIT Sloan (pre-recorded): Introduce yourself to your future classmates via a brief 60 seconds video statement.

You should also know.

Why is MBA Essay so Important?

These MBA Essays help Admission Council to know about you. In these essays, you can write how MBA helps you in making your future successful. And also how you differentiate yourself from anyone who scores 700s in their GMAT.

The essay allows you to explain your weaknesses and strengths. Through these essays, the admission council knows that you have a lot to bring to the program and have a place in their group.

The articles are logical among all candidates. In that manner, they are less hard to assess and compare. All candidates get a similar form of inquiry. A similar group of admission people studies those answers.

Interviews are different. Some are delivered via telephone, some at the business college, and all are taken by various people with various strategies.

Suggestions shift too. While all candidates put effort into finding recommenders, a few people work with MBAs who know the process. Others work with individuals who have no proof about what to write.


To sum up, I hope these MBA Essay Examples help you a lot in the business school application. I have mentioned the most common 5 types of MBA Essay. And if you are looking to make your career in it, you are on the right path. It gives you good job opportunities. Here are five career paths and the salaries are plentiful. These are: Business operation manager, Financial Manager, Medical and Health Services Manager, Management Consultant, and Marketing Manager.


1.Why do you need an MBA program essay?

Answer: You get a better job chance in the same industry. You can start your own business. Also, it expands your professional networks. Moreover, it helps you to make more money, etc.

2.How to end an MBA Essay?

Answer: Instead of repeating your essay’s content, use your conclusion to give us examples based on your entire content.

3.What is an MBA Essay?

Answer: MBA Essay is a crucial means to show your willingness to your business school. You can show your abilities through an MBA essay that you can not mention in your resume.