5 Useful Tips to Help You When Choosing Cloud Server Hosting

Your startup or small business wants to go online to help potential customers find your products, service, or brand, and you are possibly searching for ways to invest in hosting that costs less but give more in terms of bandwidth, storage, and performance. Cloud server hosting is the best option if you want to grow your startup quickly.

Several businesses, particularly the small and medium ones, are shifting to cloud hosting to make use of the benefits and support it offers. With reliable infrastructure, the cloud platform ensures that your website delivers more consuming less. For instance, your websites can manage traffic spikes at high speeds and enjoy unlimited scalability of server resources without experiencing any shortfall in service.

What is cloud server hosting?

Cloud hosting is the virtualization of a physical server by dividing it into several virtual servers, also known as cloud servers. Cloud server hosting runs a website exclusively on the cloud technology’s virtual networking ability. It helps you store your web files across multiple servers to access them from anywhere and on any device.

You can find service providers that offer virtual private server (VPS) hosting in line with cloud hosting, with fully managed and self-managed options. Unlike traditional hosting, VPS or cloud hosting offers scalability for businesses that experience quicker growth. It allows your organization to add more resources like bandwidth, RAM, and storage or reduce them.

Moreover, cloud hosting servers are easily accessible from any place, but with traditional hosting, it is not so. Hence, you choose a physical server closer to your location to make the loading time faster.

For instance, small and medium-sized businesses often choose VPS when they need to manage a surge in website traffic. Similarly, most eCommerce business owners and web designers go for cloud server hosting instead of dedicated server hosting because VPS functions like a standalone server despite being a virtual space within a physical server.

With VPS hosting, you may install your own apps and customise the operating system while still sharing the server and its resources with other website visitors. Nonetheless, you can decide on any VPS hosting packages on the server management levels like Managed, Fully Managed, and Self-Managed.

While the Managed and Fully-Managed plans use the WHM control panel and cPanel to help you manage the server’s software and hardware, the Self-Managed plan, on the other hand, allows you to select your own operating system.

How to select a suitable cloud server hosting provider?

Here are a few factors you need to think about while selecting the best VPS hosting company.

1. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

If your website is slow to load, you will lose visitors and in turn, sales and profits. You can have your own applications to customise the server and resources in the virtual environment with VPS hosting. Without slowing down loading, it can control traffic spikes that occur when the website grows. With VPS hosting, you can optimise your server space for a faster loading time without bothering your neighbours.

2. Fully scalable servers

A cloud hosting plan can help you adapt to the ups and downs of your business. You need additional resources, high data transfer consumption, complete data isolation, and high-speed web services for your fast-growing startup or small firm. VPS hosting can assist you in this situation by enabling you to start small and grow as your organisation develops. For instance, many SMEs favour VPS hosting because of its scalability.

3. Customizable functionality

You can completely personalise your computing environment by installing your own apps and hosting domains on a VPS. With the self-managed package, you can select your chosen OS, or choose the managed option for complete control over websites, domains, and emails.

4. Have control of the server space

You can maintain control of your server and make decisions if you have a dependable VPS hosting plan. It gives you full root access, regardless of whether you run the server by yourself or have the hosting provider do it for you. By running your choice of OS, installing or updating software, and creating backups, you have the resources tailored in VPS. You won’t have to worry about your website loading slowly or experiencing other problems like that with shared hosting.

5. Highly secured

Advanced security measures are in place to protect your website online. You can ensure that your resources are secure due to full root access in VPS hosting.

Cloud server hosting is the greatest option if you want the best hosting experience for your small business at an affordable price.

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