6 Best Wicker Storage Baskets That You Must Have For Your Home

Looking for a storage basket that will easily suit your room’s theme? This wicker storage basket is the answer to your question. Wicker baskets have a neutral color that fits any kind of style your place has. It’s perfect for organizing your belongings and can be placed anywhere inside your house or office. Here’s the list of wicker storage baskets that you must check out.

1.     Safavieh American Homes Collection Vedette Wicker Basket Storage Tower

The first one on this list is a mixture of minimalistic style combined with storage practicality. Safavieh American Homes’ storage tower is one of the first wicker baskets you should look out for since it’s quickly out of stock because of the demand. The makers are also known to craft high-quality products for a hundred years, which guarantees its quality if purchased.

The storage tower has five wicker baskets that act as a drawer, while the tower itself is made out of pinewood, which makes it aesthetically complement the earthly vibe of the wicker baskets and ensures the durability of the whole storage unit. Although the tower is a bit heavy, it would fit in your home anywhere since it’s compact and stylish.

2.     Household Essentials Decorative Wicker Chest

The next one on the list is a woven wicker storage chest perfect for your bedroom or living room. Though this wicker storage is more of a bench than a basket, this still falls on the list of the best wicker storage baskets because of its aesthetic and storage space offers.

This wicker storage chest is sturdy, large, thick, and resilient due to its well made braided weave, seagrass paper rope, and metal frame. It also has a rubber on its feet that protects the floor. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to move from one place to another. With this storage chest, it will make your area more organized and beautiful.

3.     Household Essentials Willow Wicker Laundry Basket

If you are into old fashioned style, well, you must check out this household essential willow wicker laundry basket. This wicker laundry basket can lodge a single load of clothes. It is a handwoven willow made with two handles and a washable liner that protects your clothes from being torn.

This willow wicker basket is durable, lightweight, and made curved to be more comfortable and easier to carry on hips or arms. This will create a fresh ambiance in your laundry area or even your bedroom with its natural and charming design.

4.     BIRDROCK HOME Woven Storage Shelf Organizer Baskets

If you are looking for a shelf organizer, then this one’s for you. These woven storage shelf organizer baskets will help you tidy up your shelves. These baskets are designed to fit most frames, such as bookshelves, kitchen shelves, pantry shelves, or bathroom shelves, making it very efficient for organizing your stuff.

It also has cutout handles, making it easily removed from the shelves and carried when needed. With its natural rustic design, you will not have trouble placing it anywhere in your home because this will definitely match any style of shelves you may have.

5.     Mkono 2 Piece Seagrass Basket

If you are a plant person and loves to place some indoor plants in your home, this seagrass wicker belly basket is perfect for you. This is also one of the in-demand baskets in the market since it is best to cover your plant’s pot. With its decorative design and texture, this will bring warmth to your place. 

This wicker belly basket is not only best for plants but also perfect for storage. This can also become your storage for your linens or blankets, laundry basket, or even your market basket. It is a multifunctional basket that can adapt to your different needs.

6.     StorageWorks Handwoven Wicker Baskets

The last one on the list is this wicker basket that is best for storing your essentials such as toiletries, hand towels, toilet paper, and some other household items. This wicker basket is also perfect for organizing your snacks, teas, fruits, and veggies.

It has handles that make it easier to carry and also stackable when not needed. This handwoven wicker basket works great for your office, bedroom, living room, and bathroom. It is made of one hundred percent natural water hyacinth, which is an easily sustainable resource.


Wicker baskets work in many different themes. Whether you have a modernized or rustic aesthetic in your house or office area, wicker storage baskets’ decorative design will fit well. This kind of storage is great for organizing your valuables and will bring a comfortable vibe to your space. You may also check out Storables.com for more designs and styles!