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6 Tips For Making A Video Montage

Like we all know, montage is a great way to spice up your video. If you’re looking to make a montage video that stands out, using video editing software like is your best bet. It’s a quick way to whip up a pretty outstanding video for your social media or marketing needs.

Montages have come to stay in the cinematic world. No matter the kind of movie or video you want to create, chances are you’ll end up using montage at some point. From films and music videos to marketing videos and your usual Tik Tok video, its wide use is notable.

In this post, we’ll be sharing some of the best tips and tricks in the book on how to make the best video montage. After reading this, you can hope to make beautiful videos from those snippets, slo-mos, and videos you’ve captured with your phone or digital camera. You can definitely do it!

How To Easily Make A Video Montage 

Whether you’re just making a video montage for the first time or looking to revamp your skills in the art of video editing, you’re in the right place. These tips will help you to pull videos together for your montage and keep things organized. 

1. Record Quality Short Videos

Using quality videos for your montage makes it crispier and gives your video a perfect finish. New generation smartphones have great cameras and video recording features that can help you put together quality videos. With that in hand, you don’t have to worry about investing in expensive videography gadgets.

Once you’re all set, you can start capturing short videos of spontaneous moments. For instance, you can record moments in the park, several selfie videos, or anything you wish to add to your video montage. You can then save your video in your computer hard drive or any cloud storage system for easy access.

2. Use Simple Editing Tools

Above all, choosing a good video editing tool will help you make a video montage that effectively tells your desired story. Most often, top video makers apps such as are the default tools that montage makers like to use.  You access via your PC browser or the mobile app on IOS and Android. Whether you’re looking to show off your video editing abilities or edit for the first time, this software makes it pretty easy.

Firstly, you start off by uploading the recorded videos saved to your computer or cloud storage. Then you can delve into the editing process by picking and dropping the videos you want to in your montage. The platform’s functionality is quite straightforward. You can easily work your way around it and make a video in less than 10 minutes.

3. Fade Frames Between Video Clips

Having a seamless transition of clips in your montage improves its cinematic experience. Using the fade option of the video editing tool will give your video a great finishing touch. As you piece your selected video snippets together, try using this trick and see how sleek your final video will turn out. Certainly, you’ll like the outcome.

4. Be Selective With Video Clips

To give your video a bit of an edge, you need to be more selective in choosing the video snippets to add. Ask yourself if the clip will add value to viewers and whether it’ll help communicate your message better. Always center your video montage around the idea you had in mind before starting.

Every second of your video contributes to the overall feel of the montage.  You don’t want viewers to search for the idea behind the video as they watch. Being selective with the video clips you add will help make your video montage more impactful. 

5. Add Text Overlays To Your Video Montage

Adding text overlays to the video gives it more context. It allows viewers to relate more to what you’re trying to portray in your video. You use video editing software like to make a video that expresses your real intentions.  Describing important parts of your video montage makes it more memorable and drives engagement. 

So, before taking a breather after minutes of trying to make your video pop, consider writing down a few lines using the text editor function. Simple video editing software available online today makes all these very seamless. Be sure to give your montage video the unique touch it deserves with text overlays.

6. Add Music To Your Video Montage

It’s no news that music adds life to video content. New age social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram have helped cement this fact. More so, experts say that marketing videos with background music get better attention than others without it. Similarly, you’d never find any Hollywood movie that runs from start to finish without music. That goes to show how music enriches video content. 

Depending on the length and message of your video montage, you can add as much music as you please. Just ensure you perfectly fade the end of each music with the beginning of the next to give it a fine finish. Editors can also use the music edit functions of their editing software to adjust the music volume. Adding appropriate audio significantly improves the overall feel of the video. So ensure you utilize the music functions on your editing software when next you want to make a video montage.


In conclusion, if you’re curious about trying out video montage for your social media or any other video content use, give these tips a try. Although it may seem easier said than done for some, with these tips, you can go from ok videos to monumental montages. You may also want to give yourself good uninterrupted time as you explore your creativity.

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