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6 Ways to Improve Your Online Giving Strategy

When it comes to online giving, raising funds isn’t always easy. Thankfully, you can improve the process and boost donations by using a few key strategies. In addition to focusing on Raiser’s Edge integration to help you reduce errors and prioritize your “giving back” efforts, here are six additional ways you can improve your online giving strategy.

1. Have Different Levels of Gift Donations

When you give donors different gift donation options, you’re more likely to improve your total number of donations. People don’t want to feel like they’re being forced to give a certain amount. Instead, they tend to prefer giving recommendations and options.

It also helps to tell donors what their donation can buy for a needy family or individual. For example, can their $20 donation help feed a small family for a day? Mention it on your donation page so donors can see the impact their donations will make.

2. Use Compelling Imagery to Catch Donors’ Attention

There are so many different causes and things vying for your donors’ attention. So how can you possibly compete? One effective way is by using compelling imagery.

Try to select images that elicit some type of emotional response without being overwhelming. Look for quality images as well that use color and expert photography tactics to catch peoples’ attention.

3. Put a “Donate” Button Directly on Your Website and Social Media Pages

You’re more likely to get donations if you make your “donation” button very visible on your website and social media pages. If people have to search for ways to donate, they’re less likely to do so.

Don’t forget to track donations so your nonprofit organization stays organized and compliant with regulations. If you’re wondering why change from Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce, one answer is because Salesforce offers The Nonprofit Success Pack NPSP for free. You can download it through the Salesforce AppExchange.

4. Get Donors’ Feedback on Their Giving Preferences

Your donors probably have giving preferences, but you won’t know what they are unless you ask. Some people may prefer to give through Paypal or some other type of electronic commerce company, while others might want funds taken directly from their checking accounts. Still others may insist on donating in the form of a check. If you conduct an online poll on peoples’ giving preferences, you’ll likely gain valuable feedback that will help you improve donations.

5. Make the Process as Simple as Possible

Donating should never be difficult for you or the donor. Streamline your system to make giving as much as possible. You should also automate the donation recording process so your organization can easily keep track of it. NPSP data import and Raiser’s Edge integration can help you achieve your data tracking and compiling goals.

6. Give the Option to Donate in Someone’s Memory

Did you know that some donors prefer to donate money in honor of someone else’s memory? Surprisingly, many nonprofits don’t allow visitors this option. If you want to improve donations, consider letting people choose whether to donate in their own names or on behalf of someone else.

These are all great ways to increase online donations. If you give them a try, you’ll also have an easier time maintaining records of the donations you receive.

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