You are absolutely buzzing having seen in the New Year in what is turning into the most exciting chapter in your life. Your relocation across the globe to a city that you love through many previous visits has turned into a dream having met your perfect partner who you are moving into a new apartment with.

While you didn’t have any specific plans to work, having saved up plenty of cash and taken a redundancy payment for a previous employer, you have landed on your feet in that department as well. You love writing and sport, so to have got a job at a local football club dealing with the media is right up your street. To mark the appointment, you have treated yourself to one of the Notebooks Dell produces for 8 great reasons.

  1. Your first laptop was made by Dell, one of the world’s foremost technology companies, and you were delighted with your purchase. Indeed, it is still back at your parents’ home, as you don’t ever want to lose it for sentimental reasons.
  2. Technological advances have mean that laptops became more streamlined in shape, becoming notebooks. It is an essential piece of kit, especially for those on the move like working in the media who want to work on the go.
  3. Dell provides many different models of all sizes and memory to suit different requirements which always carry excellent hardware specifications which are powerful and efficient.
  4. Dell is recognised in producing arguably the best designs in the industry carrying bright displays with perfect colour accuracy. While travelling you might also wish to use your notebook to indulge in a bit of fun gaming and having a go at a recently released game.
  5. When choosing a Dell model, you know that you will be purchasing a notebook with the perfect configuration balance, with a quality screen size to suit whatever you are using it for. This is added to by an internal battery, several ports, a processor, spacious RAM capacity and an excellent spacious memory.
  6. A range of innovative designs means that you are going to get a notebook that is lightweight and thin, ideal for those jobs when rushing around a location to get a vital interview or while travelling by public transport.
  7. You will be buying a notebook which offers excellent value for money from a name renowned in the technology industry for the high quality of its products. Speaking to experts who supply such items and seeking their advice will merely confirm this. With the money you save, you might want to take your lady away to the beach for the weekend.
  8. The technical support offered by Dell to its customers is second to none, with the facility of a live customer care service always available online. Years of experience and know-how ensure a quick solution to any issues.

Choosing a Dell notebook guarantees quality, value for money, amazing design and features and the best in class customer service.