9 Best Benefits Of Using A Virtual Biometric System In Your Organisation

Virtual biometric systems in an organisation are the way to authenticate employees’ attendance. And a biometric attendance system has numerous other benefits too.

If you’re an HR personnel, you must read these nine benefits of using a virtual biometric system given below. This will clear your purpose of using it in your company if it still needs acceptance and implementation. 

9 Best Benefits of Using A Virtual Biometric System Are:


The online biometric or attendance system records every entry and exit of the employees from the system. This data gets regular backups from the on-cloud HRMS system. 

Therefore, there is no threat of loss of data. In addition, employees’ attendance tracking is more accessible and more authentic using this attendance system. 

Plus, the data acts as proof of the hours and locations clocked in and clocked out. So, employees’ accountability remains intact with complete honesty about their working hours and locations. 

High efficiency

A virtual biometric system like the one embedded in uKnowva is advantageous and efficient. It passes on the attendance data to the HRMS system’s back-end calculations to generate accurate payslips. 

This way, employees get compensated right as they regularise their attendance on time using the online attendance system.

Easy and convenient to use

There is no intelligent work to punch in and out of the virtual attendance system. The modern online systems to track employee attendance are easy, intuitive, and embedded with happiness factors. 

This way, HRs track how well their employees are doing and if they are punctual or not. 

Besides that, these systems are fun to use. They track the location of the GPS of the mobile or laptop where it’s already on. So there is no need to put an extra effort to write down the work location.

Then, the benefits of using a virtual biometric system also include the fact that you don’t need to continuously punch in the system. Logging in once a day could be enough before logging out the same way. 

The entire process of punching in and out takes hardly a minute. So, it’s pretty convenient and easy to use even when the employee is travelling.

Adequate security and protection of data

Employees don’t worry about the loss or misinterpretation of their attendance data while using a virtual biometric system. As this data is stored in the cloud, it’s never really lost or misused. 

Additionally, biometric features embedded in modern-age uKnowva HRMS are highly secure and safe. It provides each registered employee with four levels of security which makes messing around the system or stored data highly impossible.


Employees can punch in and out from the online attendance system within a few clicks. They don’t spend more than a minute logging in or out of the network system. Plus, the font size is adjustable to meet the visibility requirements set by the admin. 

The system continuously stores new data punched in by the employee without lags. The server uptime and security play a significant role here. Combining it all, every user receives a smooth punch in and out experience on a virtual biometric attendance system.

Quicky data integration with attendance

Benefits of using a virtual biometric system also include the speed at which biometrics integrate the data with employee attendance. As a result, they don’t have to manually integrate their daily punch-ins and outs with their timesheets or attendance management UI. 

It gets blended with those features in modern HRMS software. This utility saves enough time for employees to get ahead with their day to complete expected KPIs. 

Access it from any smart device

A modern organisation works with talented people across the country. Each such employee will have a different device to log in and log out. The virtual biometric system, in this case, is created to be responsive and available to all. 

Employees then, irrespective of their smart devices like tablets, mobiles, or personal computers, can log their attendance. Evidently, they are no more restricted to a region, time, or device. It’s more appropriate for employees working from remote or offshore locations. 

This way, they would not miss marking their daily attendance in the system – even while going on the field. Their attendance tracking matters because it helps to rectify the salary calculations before salary slips get approved. 

In a way, virtual attendance system mobile accessibility is fortunate for remote employees to generate corrected salary slips. 

Transparently tracking employee punctuality and productivity

A virtual biometric system helps HRs calculate their employees’ productivity and punctuality data. They can pick up a certain period from the analytics. Then, check how many employees have been punching in and out late. Or how many employees are always on time.

It shows which employees value their time effectively to deliver their critical deliverables on time. The data also shows which employees need a little push to be more professional. Their erratic punch in and out behaviour would be suggestive of the same conclusion. 

Later on, using these insights, HRs can reallocate the workforce to tougher projects accordingly. They would know beforehand which employee can be trusted more for complex and time-bound projects. 

This would further assist HRs and team leaders to hire, manage, develop, and encourage employees to engage effectively. 

Besides that, HRs can later have a detailed chat with their indisciplined employees. From that conversation, they discern the reason for the late log in. Then they find ways to rectify the same to improve employee morale, engagement, and connection to the company. 

It’s a continuous process to strengthen internal branding when HRs clarify if the virtual biometry system is useful to their hires.

Enhancing job satisfaction

Employees often find traditional attendance methods lengthy, tedious, and a compulsion. It hinders their mood and motive to start their day with new enthusiasm. However, the online attendance system changes and revamps that notion. 

Fun, intuitive, and immersive UI of online attendance systems aid employees in starting their day at work like a pro. 

That is why employees pay more attention to their critical deliverables for the next 8-10 hours. They don’t worry about their late check-ins/outs, keeping HRs in the loop on the system itself. 

When employees have one less thing to worry about — linked to their salary count — they feel more connected to their KPIs. 

When they focus on their deliverables, they accomplish them fast. And with speeding up the process, their job satisfaction improves gradually. 

With a better job satisfaction score, employees stick around longer and have chances to become loyal brand ambassadors for the firm.


HRs must understand the 9 benefits of using a virtual biometric system in their organisation. After that, they can develop, manage, and retain their top-performers effectively. 

They won’t contemplate unnecessarily the timely check-ins or outs expected from their new or existing hires. Instead, they will communicate the process of V.B. properly to their employees as it’s already easy to use, quick, and secure. 

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