Learning how to bet on Esports is not only lucrative but also a great way for beginners and professionals alike. The best part about betting with video games as your medium? You can learn all about it by watching others play.


As a newbie to Esports betting, it can be tricky trying to learn all the rules and regulations that come with this industry.


However if you have an open mind about what could happen when playing your favourite games then I promise things will get much more interesting.



In order for beginners like myself who are just getting started in esport gambling (or any form of online gaming) there is nothing better than having access too video tutorials on YouTube or other platforms where knowledgeable individuals share their knowledge freely so everyone has equal opportunity at success.


Go for Your Best Known Game


The esports world is a diverse and expansive one, with each genre offering its own unique set of rules to master. From battle arena games like League of Legends or DOTA 2 where players must work together as teams against computer-controlled opponents in an elimination tournament format.


First-person shooters such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive where two Teams – Terrorists (T) and Mercenaries(M) – head onto the battlefield armed with weapons ranging from knives all way up through automatic machineguns aiming at anyone unfortunate enough get caught inside someone else’s crosshair—there’s something here for everyone.



The immense popularity these past few years has led developers create new competitive titles across multiple platforms.


Follow Your Favourite


You should wager on the best esports teams before placing your bets just as you would on the best football teams like Manchester City or Barcelona. You cannot know the past form of an esports organization that you are wagering on if you do not know the past form of that organization.


Have A Knowledge About Players


As much as esports like CSGO betting, LoL, and Overwatch are team sports, it also pays to get to know some of the pros a little more. We have witnessed legendary gamers like Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok and Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David win matches for their teams in recent years.


Consequently, it is worthwhile to monitor the efforts of these players so you can identify when they seem likely to help you land a winning bet. In similar fashion, if you hear that a star player is having a bad run of form, then you’ll know when you shouldn’t bet.