eToro Australia is a great platform for Australians. It has great tools and an easy-to-use interface, and most importantly it has a lot of investment options for you to choose from. The downside is that the website can be hard to navigate at times and the customer service is not always helpful, but if you’re looking for a place to trade your fiat money into crypto, eToro Australia is one of the best out there.

Etoro Australia Fees And Commissions

The eToro Australia platform offers many features, including allowing you to invest in stocks and trade bitcoin. But before you start trading with them, you should be aware of their fees and commissions. These are the costs you pay to use the platform. The etoro australia fees are competitive compared to local brokers, although not as competitive as some overseas counterparts.


The eToro Australia platform charges a flat fee of $30 per month for using their services, regardless of where you live or how much money you have invested with them. If your balance falls below $5,000, however, your fee is reduced to $10 per month.

eToro offers a rebate program for active traders. If your monthly turnover on the platform exceeds 20%, your commission is reduced from $30 to a minimum of $15 per month.*


eToro Australia doesn’t charge commissions for buying and selling stocks through its platform. However, you’ll be charged buy and sell spreads when

you place an order. The spreads change depending on market conditions and can be as high as 1%.

You’ll also be charged a spread when trading CFDs. For example, when buying one share of BHP at $26.20 (per contract), you’ll pay roughly $0.96 per contract as a commission.

eToro Australia has CFD Trading

eToro Australia is one of the largest social tradings and investing platforms in the world. It is a multi-asset platform, offering you the ability to invest easily in several asset classes from one single trading account. Its innovative trading platform allows you to trade CFDs on shares, indices, commodities, currencies, and more. With eToro Australia, you can even invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Tied into its social aspect, eToro Australia also offers you a community experience so that you can share your thoughts on investment strategies with others. You can also make new friends who have similar interests as yourself and have fun whilst doing it!

If you are looking for a secure platform with a good selection of assets to trade, then eToro is the logical choice for you. With over seven million registered users worldwide and a commitment to social trading at its core, eToro should be your first port of call when searching for an online trading platform.

Trading at eToro Australia is easy, convenient, and Aussie-friendly

Trading at eToro Australia is easy, convenient, and Aussie-friendly. Log on to the eToro website, or download the eToro trading application to your mobile phone or tablet.Treat trading as a hobby, and you’re more likely to enjoy it as a stress-free way to make some money in your spare time.

Trading at eToro Australia is easy and convenient, whether you’re doing it from home via your computer or a mobile device, or you’re out and about with your iPad. The online platform is user-friendly, so even if you’ve never traded before, you’ll be up and running in no time. Trading on your iPad is just as easy and convenient as trading online.