Today the world is IT-centric. Every company requires IT professionals to manage their websites, data, or applications. The demand for IT professionals in the UK is high, but at the same time, there is immense competition in the IT job market. You have to be a skilled person if you want to get a high paid job. The cool IT jobs in UK are:

1-Big Data Engineer:

prominent data engineer transforms the raw data into organized data that can be used by different organizations. They are responsible for designing big data tools. But they usually have a degree in computer science and a strong background in mathematics. The average salary of a data engineer in the UK is £30,729 / year.

2- Mobile Application Developers:

We all use applications on your tablets and mobile phone. How are they developed? Mobile application still developers develop them. There are two central operating systems used in our smartphones, Android or IOS. Android developer earns less as compared to the IOS developer. To become a mobile application developer, you have to learn programming languages like JAVA (for Android) and Swift (for IOS). It is one of the best IT jobs in UK. An android developer in the UK earns £54,167 per year while the IOS developer earns £60,234 per year.

3- Database Manager:

The database manager makes a strategy for a company to use the data to meet that company’s business goals. IT and a strong mathematical background are required for this job. The average salary for this job in the UK is £61,000 per year.

4-Data Security Analyst:

A data security analyst is responsible for the security of data. He must know firewall administration and network protocols. The widespread use of technology has also been many security threats to users. To overcome these threats, data security analysts have a vital role. The starting salary for this job is £30,000 while at the managerial level, you can also earn up to £70,000.

5-Data Scientist:

These IT professionals use their skills in programming and mathematics to use the data more efficiently. They reduce the running time and space of an application to become more efficient and user friendly. The knowledge of IT, mathematics, and statistics are required to land this job. A data scientist usually earns £53,296 per year. If he has a firm grip on languages like JAVA and PYTHON, then he can make more.

6- Network Engineer:

A network engineer plans and manages networks so that they run correctly. The knowledge of telecommunication and programming languages is required to get this job. Salaries at the entry-level start at about £17,000 to £20,000 while at a higher level, salaries are up to £70,000 per year.

7- System Engineer:

The system engineer is responsible for maintaining the technical infrastructure that includes hardware and software of the company. If some technical errors come up, he is accountable to debug them. It is one of the outstanding IT jobs in UK. The average salary for this post is £40,000 per year.

8-Software Engineer:

A software engineer makes software for different software houses. He must know different programming languages like Python, JAVA, C++, KOTLIN, and many others. A strong mathematical background is also necessary to get this job. Many companies hire individuals with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering for this post. A software engineer easily earns £40,000 per year.

9- Web developer:

It is a high demand job in the field of IT. Many software houses hire web developers to develop and maintain websites for their clients. Programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JAVAscript are necessary to get this job. The more interactive and user-friendly websites you make, the more you earn. The average salary of a web developer in the UK is £39,000 per year.

10- Data Architects:

A data architect creates blueprints for data management. He designs a plan to maintain and protect the data. The knowledge about mathematics and statistics is fundamental to get this job. But a data architect easily earns up to £61,000 per year in the UK.


There is a wide range of opportunities for IT jobs in UK. However if you are a skilled person with some experience. you can quickly get an IT job. Among these top 10 cool IT jobs. Data Scientist is the best job. It has more excellent job opportunities. And it is a highly paid job, yet if you have made up your mind and want to apply for a job, you can visit Fartres UK, a famous job portal.