Regardless of whether you sell products or offer types of assistance, you have to track your customers. Adding new customers in Quickbooks is one of the initial steps when setting up your accounting software. By setting up the customer data causes you to make and send solicitations rapidly, track customer adjusts, and deal with all subtleties identified with customers.

Adding Customers to Quickbooks 

You can add customer records in Quickbooks in three different ways – by adding a New Customer button, bringing in customers, and the + Add New catch when making an Invoice.

Add a New Customer 

For new organizations or organizations who just arrange with a couple of customers, it’s conceivable to add customers each in turn. You can do this through the New Customer button by following these means.

  1. Click on Sales. You can locate this under Dashboard, on the left half of your screen. 
  2. At that point, pick the Customers tab on top. At the point when you drift your mouse on Sales, a drop-down rundown with the Customers button shows up, you may likewise click on that button. 
  3. Click the New Customer catch to open the usable Customer Information Form. Search for the green catch which should be on your screen’s upper right-hand corner. 
  4. Round out the Customer Information Form where you need to enter the accompanying:
  • Customer name or the company name
  • Billing and Shipping Address
  • Mobile, Phone, and Fax number
  • E-mail address
  • Website
  • Other contact details
  • Tax registration number
  • Preferred payment method
  • Preferred schedule for delivering the invoice (now or later)
  • Payment terms
  • Notes
  • Language
  • Attachments – this can be a sales order or a customer order form or another attachment supporting the transaction
  1. At long last, click the Save button.

Import Customers

For organizations that manage various customers or those moving from another accounting framework, the more viable decision might be to import the customer list. Here are the means by which to do it. 

  1. Go to Sales. This should be on the left side under the Dashboard. Click on the Customers tab. 
  2. On the Customers tab, look to one side. You should see the green New Customer button. Just next to it, click on the drop-down catch. 
  3. Pick Import Customers. The window for bringing in customers should come out. You have to achieve three stages to finish the process.

Stage 1: UPLOAD. 

A QuickBooks Online Customer List for transfer should be in CSV or EXCEL design. You can download the example file in case you don’t know about the correct arrangement. 

Info your information along these lines and request as the example file. Subsequent to setting up the information, peruse for the customer file you need to transfer and continue by clicking Next. The Next catch should be on the lower right. 


When you transfer the customer list, QuickBooks will plan your information dependent on the fields. You have to coordinate the fields in QuickBooks and in the one you transferred. Ensure that all applicable fields coordinate. At the point when you’re set, click Next. 

Stage 3: IMPORT 

On the last advance in bringing in the customer show, you should see the information you transferred on a table. Go over the rundown and check whether the data is right. If necessary, roll out the fundamental improvements prior to clicking on Import. 

On the off chance that QuickBooks experiences an error while transferring the information, you ought to get a warning. At the point when the process has been finished, you will likewise perceive the number of things were effectively transferred.

Add New Customer When Making an Invoice 

At the point when you’re recording a receipt for a first-time customer, you can likewise utilize the Add New catch under the Customer field. 

Thus, in the event that you are on the Invoice tab, which is under Sales, however, you can’t discover a customer in the dropdown show, you can add the person in question by clicking on Add New. You should see + Add New on the mainline on the drop-down rundown. 

At the point when you click on the Add New alternative, the New Customer structure ought to show up. You are needed to enter the Customer. Subsequent to doing that you can click on Save or add customer subtleties. 

Clicking on Details under the field for Name will raise the Customer Information Form. 

In the event that you clicked on Save as opposed to adding more customer subtleties, you have to go to the Customers tab. You will see the rundown of customers here. Search for the customer name that needs altering and pick the Customer Details tab. You should discover an Edit button before the New Transaction button. Click on the Edit catch to raise the Customer Information Form to make alters.


At the point when you’re searching for a simpler method to follow customer accounts and send solicitations to customers in Quickbooks, you need to add your customer data. Adding customer accounts is one of the primary activities subsequent to setting up your Quickbooks account. For entrepreneurs, doing this whole process may require time speculation yet it additionally causes you to be on top of your financials. Nonetheless, in case you’re customers are filling in numbers and you’re investing critical energy in doing your books, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to consider employing a clerk.