Advantages of Veterinary Universities cloud software

Veterinary Universities are now always looking for the finest veterinary computer programs. If you search for various alternatives on the market, you find numerous options. There are now two types of practical management software (PMS) on the market. One is based on the cloud and the other is based on the server. Our ERP for Veterinary Universities software offers many advantages over server-based. Here, we will highlight a few indications as to why cloud-based veterinary software is a better option than server-based software.

What is veterinary cloud-based software?

ERP for Veterinary Universities cloud software is a tool of practice management that enables animal health professionals using cloud technology to organize their daily work. This program is hosted in the cloud and is accessible via many platforms such as desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. Unlike old school standalone or server-based software, no software needs to be installed. Cloud veterinary software is accessible via the internet and is thus in certain instances also known as veterinary online software.

  • Cloud veterinary software benefits Less hardware costs
  • Scalability
  • Device & Independent Location
  • Backup of Data
  • Total cost

5 advantages of Veterinary Universities cloud software

1. Expenditure on Hardware

Server-based software for practical management usually requires deploying a server on the site. This server uses electricity and requires regular maintenance. And these servers are often not used with maximum efficiency, resulting in wasting server space. The server-based program has a very expensive installation charge and fixed expenses. This is the primary reason why small clinics or veterinary offices cannot allow a PMS based on a server. However, all of the above stated issues may be addressed using the cloud. No installation fees are required for cloud-based Practice Management Software. Certain cloud-based PMS providers such as ERP for Veterinary Universities even provide free trials during their early days. There are no physical server and no maintenance expenses. The cloud-based PMS does not waste server space and thus is extremely cheap and economical. The smaller clinics may provide the same service that larger clinics provide.

2. Scalableness

Scalability is the greatest benefit of the cloud-based system. What is the size of your clinic/practice doesn’t matter. Pay as you use. You may only pay for the services you utilize. For instance, you will pay $69 for the software’s basic version. You have to pay extra for each service if you want to utilize other services like ‘VetSMS-Text Messaging,’ ‘Vet Rocket,’ ‘Online Booking’ etc. This saves you from paying the whole program price and just the portion you utilize. You will also not encounter any problems when your membership is upgraded or downgraded in the future. This scalability would never be achieved with server-based PMS systems.

3. Device & Independent Location

On every device, cloud technology is available. You may utilize your practice management software from desktop, notebook, Macbook, tablet, iPad, Smartphone, etc. if it is on the cloud. The technology is also independent of the location. You may have the same access from any part of the world to your PMS application. Mobile veterinarians do not need to worry about it today. You can take your PMS wherever with them. You just need a trustworthy Internet connection.

4. Backup of Data

Data may be saved up to 15 minutes on a regular basis in the cloud, reducing data losses in catastrophic circumstances. So, if you use a Cloud/SaaS-based Practice Management Application, you don’t have to worry about data loss. Make sure your data with the PMS Application Provider is safe and secure. Usually more than 99.9% of the server uptime for a Cloud PMS application is sufficient for a veterinary practice/clinic.


The cloud-based PMS is much better than server-based PMS systems, notwithstanding a few small disadvantages. The cloud-based PMS is designed for big and small clinics. If you are searching for your clinic’s cloud-based PMS solution, head to ERP for Veterinary Universities the world’s finest PMS.

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