All India Job, Gone are the days when people think that only a man can work outside home and are solely responsible for earning bread and butter. As the world is moving more towards gender equality, women stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts in education jobs and careers. Now both male and female workers and do the same kind of job. But some jobs are better suited for women in India.  

In this article, I will tell you about all India job vacancies for females. Please be clear that nobody is discriminating women from men. Women put equally hard work as men in any job. The difference in salaries between that of males and females is shrinking with time. But specific jobs are meant to be only for females.

As we all know, in India, All India Job women are considered to do all the house chores, whereas men are supposed to work outside the home to make a living. Still, these days some families do not prefer educating their daughters. In turn, they are financially dependent on their husbands after their marriage. Here, I will tell you about all Indian job vacancies for females. Some of these don’t require a professional qualification and can be easily managed by the women occupied with household responsibilities. Read this article till the end to know all Indian Job Vacancies for females.   

Female Government job

For Government jobs, seats are reserved for females. Although merit is callous hard work always pays off. Keep your focus on the goal. Just study for the job test—over-come distraction. Government jobs are the most promising life long career jobs


All India Job

It is a well-accepted fact that no male can be a better teacher than a female. Education is the first career choice for all Indian women. In India all india job, teachers are well respected and honored. Teaching is also a white-collar job. Moreover, females get to work in a safe and secure environment. Teaching is a diverse field, from tutoring to curriculum designing, from professorship to teacher assistant. You can become a school teacher or a lecturer at university. It depends on your qualification. If you are a diploma holder and have done B Ed and M Ed, you will get a school teaching job. If you have done a Ph.D., you can quickly get a lectureship in any government college.  

Air hostess

For this job Indian airlines hire only females. According to psychologists, women are more hospitable and caring. There are so many airlines in India, making more job opportunities for females to become an air hostess. Once you get hired, they will give training. After that training, you are all set to the flight. 

All India job


How can one forget to count Medical when talking about all India job vacancies? There are such jobs in the medical for which only females are preferred. Females have medical aptitude more than of men. Such as that of gynecologist and psychology and nursing.


Females who are graduate shouldn’t let your degree go waste in dusting cleaning mopping floors. Buckle up! Search the internet. Jobs in banks have a safe and secure environment for women to work. 


The interpreter is the most fun and easy job of all mentioned here. You don’t need a professional qualification for this job. You need to be fluent in English and any of your regional languages widely spoken in India. 

Tourist Guide

India has so many sight attractions. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit India annually. You can become their tourist guide. For this job, you don’t need professional qualifications.   

Personal Fitness Trainer

India has so many millionaires and billionaires who can afford to have a personal fitness trainer. Because they want to look good at parties. Personal Fitness Trainer instructs a group of people to exercise appropriately and stay fit. This job is less stressful. You need to know how to stay fit and healthy.    


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