Would you go back and forth from one locality to another to shop for various things or buy all the necessary items in one commonplace? Gojek uses the same strategy to procreate their business. Gojek is a top-notch multi-service app that has revolutionized the on-demand delivery service. In Indonesia alone, Gojek has been downloaded more than 125 million times. Who wouldn’t want to get all their services done and needs to be met in a single platform? Gojek grabbed the user’s attention by providing a common platform to get numerous needs addressed.

Many entrepreneurs want to establish themselves in the field of business jumble between having too many ideas and not channelizing it into one. Why channelize it into one when you can channelize all your ideas using the Gojek clone app. Prominent tycoons who want to integrate more disciplines into their business also find the Gojek clone app an essential tool to run their business.

But how do you do what Gojek does? Gojek offers seamless services in carrying out all the benefits. Let’s narrow down on the parameters you need to be mindful of to run an affluent app like Gojek.

  • In running all the app services, you need to be mindful that all your services are intertwined to an extent.Integrate services and features that will help complement your other services in the app. For eg., In running a Gojek taxi service or food delivery service, combine elements where the users can pay using your Go pay options to avail discounts. Thus complementing and giving reach to two services at a time.
  • Gojek taxi service covers about 16.5 million km every day. How does Gojek do this? The Gojek process 350 million API calls every second. Twelve engineers manage all the operations all at once. This shows that less is sometimes more, and you need to concentrate on the quality of people you hire more than quantity. By keeping this in mind, you can run your app like Gojek without hurdles.
  • Gojek noticed that the average amount of time spent by the customers searching for food in GO food to order is 12 minutes 22 seconds. This leads to customers falling out. Gojek introduced a floating action button feature using which the customers quickly call their food, and this has not only sustained the customers but increased them by multi-fold. Likewise, keep updating on the app feature by understanding the constraints and needs of the customers.
  • It is shown that the Gopay ecosystem processes $6.3 billion of annualized Gross Transaction Value. A digital wallet app fetches good profits like no other service. Integrate the same in your app like Gojek to see high ROI.

In running your business with an app like Gojek or any business for that fact, you need to have an abundance of patience and smart work to evolve your business and the trends of the times. A multidisciplinary app like Gojek will surely help run your business seamlessly.