Good business ideas don’t come and go that often. So when you finally find a decent, realistic, and practical idea, do everything in your power to bring that idea to life. What better way to establish a business than using an app to do it? In an era where the world runs and thrives on technology, we must use opportunities and resources that come our way to our benefit. 

Why Use Mobile Apps for Businesses? 

A business app is not only a marketing tool; it’s your whole business. Did you know that according to a report by Statista, the global smartphone penetration has jumped from 40% in 2019 to 41.5% by 2020? The statistics highlight the future of businesses in today’s time. With the growing trend and penetration pattern of mobile phone users globally, there’s no better time to enter the app development market. 

Many industries, besides the I.T. industry, used this opportunity for their benefit. Business sectors such as social media, tourism, retail, automotive, and hospitality use mobile apps to promote their respective industries. Mobile apps are the future of businesses, so make sure to use this chance to build our future. 

If you’re still looking for a cool business idea, we’ve got you covered. Read ahead to know some of the most innovative and coolest mobile app ideas your startup can launch next year. But before we begin, you need to make sure you have the right tools and resources at hand. 

And stable internet connectivity is one of them. Without continuous access to the World Wide Web, you cannot do proper research and development. This is where AT&T internet plans come to help. At incredibly reasonable prices, you can access high-speed internet, super-fast downloads, and strong connectivity, all three that allow you to develop your mobile app in the smoothest way possible. 

Let’s take a look at the coolest mobile app ideas your startup can bring to life in 2021!

A Personal Chef App

Let’s face it. No one is born good at cooking. Becoming a professional at it takes years of practicing, accidents, learning, and un-learning. Many of us had to rely on YouTube and The Food Network recipes to learn how to cook basic meals, so if there’s anything a millennial trying to survive on their own needs, it’s a personal chef app. 

From its name, you already know the app will be your assistant in the kitchen. Food excites everyone, and nothing beats a deliciously prepared home meal. The app you design will not be a basic recipe-sharing app. It will serve amateurs and professionals with dishes verified by chefs and experts in different cuisines. 

The app users can share their experience, rate the recipes, and create their own ‘dish list’ where they add their most loved dishes by their favorite chefs. 

Not only that, the app will match the user to a nearby verified chef, meaning the app automatically filters all top-rated home chefs in the user’s area with the help of the geo-location feature, and it will share the map of the user’s house with the chef to help locate them instantly. 

This app has a lot of potentials to dominate the food sector if developed attentively. 

Travel Planner App

Do you remember all those trips you planned with your friends, but not one of them happened? When the time comes, all you’re left with are excuses and a badly planned trip. However, in today’s time, that doesn’t need to happen anymore. A smart travel planner can make a huge difference in your planning process. 

Let’s put it like this. When you’re planning a trip, you try to match your work schedule with your trip itinerary. The problem arises when you have deadlines, projects, and assignments to fulfill, and you have absolutely no idea how and when to schedule your trip. This is where the smart travel planner comes into play. 

Unlike traditional traveling apps, it allows the user to sync their work schedule with the planned trip schedule.  It’ll match your planned trip schedule with your work schedule to ensure it isn’t colliding or messing with deadlines and important projects.

The app will collect user data such as preferences, schedules, and favorite destinations to give you the perfect trip dates along with scheduling trips. It will also fill up your trip chart with the most special places to visit along with the opening time and best time. 

A handy and super practical travel planner app can never go wrong for anyone.

Parking Space App

One of the many troubles living in a big and busy city brings is finding a parking space.  A developed and developing city houses a huge population, so there’s no doubt the struggle of finding a parking space in places is real. But with technology at hand, there’s nothing to worry about. You can design a parking space app that can instantly identify an empty spot and help the driver find a good parking space. 

Of course, an app operating in real-time will have some prerequisites such as busy areas, peak hours, parking lots and spaces, and more. Furthermore, the software will leverage real-time traffic analysis data and GPS from online services like Google to highlight the best parking spots in the area. It will also suggest the best time to find a parking spot during events, festivals, and holidays. 

The app can easily find a spot on most people’s phones.

Book Sharing App

Think about this: a social media platform for book lovers to connect and share their favorite books. Exclusively for bookworms, this app would be a wonderful addition to the market in today’s time. Not every book worm has the money to spend on books, and traveling to libraries all the time is old and expensive. 

This idea is the perfect way to solve both those problems. Book lovers will register themselves on the app and post the titles they currently have. Once users connect on the app, they can message each other, arrange meetings, and exchange books accordingly. 

The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve understood the importance of launching a business on a mobile app, bring some of these ideas to life and change the world for the better!