Apps You Can Only Find On Android

Android tablets and phones are technical masterpieces that may entertain you, allow you to work from anywhere, and keep you in touch with your loved ones and coworkers. The correct app may turn your basic smartphone or tablet into a mobile workstation, movie theater, blank canvas, recipe manager, and more. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to identify the top Android apps.

The Google Play Store offers Android users millions of apps. Some are remarkable, while others are duds. In addition, the apps fall into different categories which help users meet different needs. Some top categories include communication, browsers, food, music and podcasts, and health and fitness. Other notable categories are video streaming, security, shopping, utilities, and travel.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Android’s versatility makes it very outstanding. For example, android devices allow users to replace core components with third-party tools. One such component you can replace is your software keyboard. Therefore, if you don’t like the Gboard or just want a taste of something different, Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard can help you with that.

The app offers a full-featured keyboard with top-drawer swipe-based input. In addition, the app also learns from your typing, and the predictions become better the more you use the app.

Tor Browser

One of the major concerns of online users is their privacy. Tor Browser is the ultimate privacy tool! It blocks trackers, fingerprinting, and encryption. Additionally, it allows you to get around any sites your ISP or country blocks, similar to a VPN. Therefore, if you can’t access the best online gambling sites Australia offers, Tor could help you out. On top of that, it is open-source, meaning you can use it for free!

Therefore, if you’re a security-conscious user or you just want to cruise sites blocked in your location, the Android version of Tor will come in handy. Install it on your device, which will always come in handy when you need it!

Google Maps

Google Maps is a popular app that many people are familiar with. And the app is famous for a good reason, as it remains one of the best maps and navigation software in the apps market. You can use the app to hunt down literally everything!

For example, Google Maps can help you locate a gas station, eating places, and accommodation. In addition, you can use it to review the places you visited. Above all, the app’s navigation feature is magnificent. On the other hand, its crowd-sourced content is continuously growing faster than other mapping software.


This is a must-have Android app! LastPass is a password manager allowing users to save their login credentials securely. Furthermore, it also helps you generate near-impossible passwords to use on your accounts.

The app is controlled with a master password and has cross-platform support allowing you to use it on tablets, mobile phones, and computers. Many other apps offer similar services, but LastPass stands out. Its premium version is reasonably priced.


Tasker is an excellent Android app that allows you to create various triggers to perform different actions when certain things occur. For instance, you can use the app to turn on the lights at night and off in the morning. The app is free on Google Play Pass.

Final Thoughts

There are many other Android-only apps available out there. However, the ones discussed here are the most notable ones. What’s your favorite Android app?

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