The people of India give importance to government Jobs In India because of the following reasons.

Guaranteed monthly salary

Many government workers are well paid. A government employee’s gross salary is consisting of TD, DA, Rent, and other allowances. Your monthly payment is guaranteed for a government job, and you will be paid on time. It will never happen that the government has no money, and they do not give a salary. However, it may occur in the Private sectors; if the company makes no profit, it does not have any sources to pay employees. So, a government job is best for Indians.

Job security

Different rules and regulations that are in favor of workers govern any job in the government sector. Because of this, it is impossible to fire government employees. Government jobs in India provide strong job security, your job is secure and lifetime income source once you join the services unless you make some terminal mistakes.

Jobs In India

Less workload

You get paid for private-sector jobs only when you work. In the private business, the workload is too much, and you have to work for a full 8 to 10 hours. If he is not pleased with your job or work is not up to mark, the boss watches your every activity, then you might be fired.
In government employment, however, no one can fire you once you’re working. There is a negligible workload in a government job and you enjoy the working environment.
Indians want government jobs in India because, in government sectors, a tension-free work environment occurs.

Lifelong pension

The best thing about a government job is, before you die, you get a pension. No private jobs give you such type of pensions.

Government quarters

In government jobs, housing facility is provided by the government to government employees. Then you get to live in quarters for free If you have a government job.
There is no such type of tension like you have to pay rent of the house, that’s why government jobs in India are preferred.
Perks and bonuses
Government workers get to enjoy good benefits and incentives, depending on the nature of the job.

Availability of servant help

Well, this not true for every government employee. But, in every government department, the availability of servants for officers is easy

Free medical facility

Another reason why Indians want to get government jobs is to have free medical facilities. Even a salaried man can’t get medical treatment in India. Your medical cost would be zero for your whole family if you had a government jobs in India.
It would have cost more than Rs 1000,000 for open-heart surgery for two people twice in a private hospital. But it was free of them because of their government employment. That’s the difference between private and government jobs in India.

Fixed working hours

There are fixed working hours for many government jobs. In some government jobs, such as police forces, drivers, railways, etc., this fact is not true.

Enjoy All holidays

In a government job, you enjoy all holidays. Summer vacation almost 50 days, winter vacation 10 to 15 days, Diwali vacation 10 days, government employees enjoy all vacations a whole year.
In short, vacations in government jobs is more than private jobs. Hence, a government job is preferred in India.

Greater social acceptability

Lastly, for greater social acceptability, Indians want government employment. Compared to a man in some other occupation, a man who is an IAS or IPS officer has great respect in society.
Also, today, respect and greater social acceptability are still very significant factors. Indians would then like to go to government jobs in india.

In short, compared to a worker who works in private industry, the rate of salaries, arrears, medical allowances, and other allowances are higher for government employees, as well as their job is safe and stable. Indians value government jobs in India because, in government jobs, the Comfort zone is more comfortable.