One of the major concerns of vegans is how they can  get the best source of protein from plant sources and whether these foods are enough to meet their daily nutrient needs. Well! It is time to keep all your doubts aside as these protein sources are equally important as any other animal derived protein source. 

Proteins contain 20 different types of amino acids and the human body can synthesize only 11 of them. Therefore, the remaining nine  (essential amino acids) types must come from the diet that you are following.  There are a number of different plant protein sources that can help you get all the  9 of those essential amino acids. 

Some of the best sources include: 

  • Quinoa
  • Pea
  • Soy
  • Buckwheat
  • Chia seeds
  • Chickpeas
  • Beans
  • Almond butter
  • Lentils
  • Beans

If you think your diet itself is not enough to give your body the requisite amount of protein, then you should go for these top vegan protein supplements. Some of the best plant protein supplements that you can consume are:

  • bGREEN Plant Protein by MuscleBlaze
  • JustHer Daily Greens and Superfoods
  • HealthKart 100% Plant Based Protein
  • SCI MX Nutritions Ultra Plant Protein
  • Amway Nutrilite All Plant Protein
  • Plix 100% Plant Protein Strength (Post Workout)
  • Plix Immunity Boosting Super Greens Powder
  • IN2 Plant Protein
  • Kapiva Vegan Protein
  • Olena EVOLVE Performance Plant Protein

Benefits of consuming vegan or plant based protein rich foods or supplements:

  • These protein sources are easy to digest and a rich source of fiber along with protein.
  • Vegan protein supplements or foods are excellent sources of protein for those who are lactose intolerant.
  • The amino acid content present in these food or dietary supplements can help to speed up the muscle and tissues recovery process.
  • These supplements are fortified with various vitamins and minerals that can help to boost your immune system.
  • Pea protein supplements are a rich source of iron that can help to maintain the haemoglobin levels in the body.
  • Protein supplements or foods that contain nuts are the best source of healthy fats.
  • Whole foods can keep you full for a longer period and therefore reduce your calorie intake. This, in turn, can help in healthy weight management.
  • These food sources are great for enhancing your metabolism rate.
  • For those who want to build muscles and strengthen their muscles, these are the best source of protein for you.
  • Plant based protein can also help to keep your gut healthy.
  • These foods and supplements can help in enhancing your beauty by making your hair, skin and nails beautiful and healthy.
  • These are the best source of nutrients for enhancing your stamina, boosting your energy levels and thereby improving your performance.
  • Plant based protein supplements are also known to keep you younger and increase your lifespan.

Conclusion: The food sources are easily available, easy to cook and super healthy. You can use the supplements to make healthy protein shakes as these are available in a variety of delicious flavours that can satiate your taste buds. Consult your physician to know the right dosage of protein that is required for your body as per your age, gender and workout regime.