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Best Android Tracking App for Parental

Parental control allows parents to track and regulate their children’s digital actions and get them to understand the value of screen limits. There are numerous mobile parental control and surveillance applications readily available, out of which we have tested the top-notch mobile spy program TheOneSpy. The Android tracking app is targeted at parents supervising children’s mobile telephone activities and monitoring those software functions from afar. It enables parents to keep track of their children’s digital environment and protect them against predators, bullies, scammers, cybercrimes, and sexually explicit items.

How does the Android tracking app works?

To get it on your child’s Android cell phone, you must first subscribe to the mobile parental control app. The app is activated and retrieves the stored data on the controlled hard drive of the Android device, including images, emails, text, and instant messages and contacts, after the installation. The app downloads data to the TOS account from which parents can track android phone details and send commands to run Android devices for their children remotely.

Game-changing features of TheOneSpy

The Android monitoring software provides a variety of features to monitor mobile phone operation. Learn about TheOneSpy Android Spying app’s key features below:

Monitoring of messages

Know how your children share messages with peers? You don’t need to get your phones to access your messages because the Android parental control system lets you read your received and sent text and instant messages on the TOS account. You will log in and display the sender and receiver message content and telephone number. 

Tap the phone calls

The cell phone monitoring software helps you to hear your children’s calls with call recording. The program automatically records your children’s inner and outer calls, uploads the registered calls to the TOS account where you can hear the calls, and access the caller and recipient’s contact information.

Interception of calls 

TheOneSpy app provides the purpose of the call interception as well as call recording. You can block incoming calls from these scoundrels if you notice that your child is receiving abusive telephone calls from a bully or interacting with a rapist. 

Location tracking with GPS 

The monitoring function GPS allows parents to be aware of children’s whereabouts. This helps you to know your children’s exact current location and shows their location history. 


To build a virtual boundary around your children, you can select several places. TheOneSpy app includes geo-fencing to stop your child from entering vulnerable areas. If your child is approaching the danger marked location, the spy app will inform you of your child’s entry and exit.

Monitor Surroundings 

Surround surveillance is one of Android Tracking’s most advanced functions. If a person is away from home, you should keep an eye on the environment.    Wherever the children are doing what they do, you will see where they are and what they are doing. 

TheOneSpy application enables you to monitor your child’s camera and microphone, so you can see and listen to its environment. You may command the Android monitor remotely to take images or record short videos, or record sound and voice accompanying them.

Monitor browsing activities

You can track the web activities of your children with the parental control application. You can see your children’s websites spend time visiting these websites and their time. This feature helps you to make sure that your tees don’t visit disagreeable or age unsuitable places. But the app does not block the Android phone from websites.

Read Emails 

You can track your children’s emails received and forwarded by their Gmail accounts, similar to messages. You can read the e-mail content in the parental application and see the E-Mail Display and Recipient e-mail address.

Bottom Line 

TheOneSpy mobile phone spying is a secure and practical application among the currently available parental control applications. It tracks children’s use of the internet and monitors their behaviors in the real world and online. So, if you are looking for a parents’ friendly solution, you must get a subscription to this app right now. Pricing is also normal and affordable. The best part is that it is easy for parents with less knowledge of technology usage. So, overall, this can be the best choice for you.

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