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Do you have trouble shipping your products to the correct address while running a WooCommerce business?

Of course, you do!

It may be because there is an incorrect address added, or maybe the billing address is left blank by the customers. So, when deliveries don’t arrive at accurate locations, you could face huge problems unless you verify the addresses accordingly.

To avoid similar issues, you have to integrate address validation API. As a result, these APIs can determine what kind of address it is and further help you differentiate between residential or even corporate addresses.

Let us what Features can Address Verification APIs bring to the table for your WooCommer business!

Understanding Address Verification APIs in Detail

    • International Address Validation & Verification: An international address validation API, not only lets you verify automatic or manually entered addresses but also enables you to affirm the address before initiating verification. So, once you are done validating the address of your customers, they will have the option of entering a different address or choosing the one they entered on your website at first. A customized pop-up box can be used to confirm your address or an inline text message can be used.
  • Address Autocomplete & Look Up Services:  This API for Address Autocomplete feature, which is the same as Google Maps address information.

Apart from completing the addresses of the users against major courier services such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL, and address verification API or tool can validate, standardize, and parse the addresses. It is easy to be specific that the order will be delivered promptly to the accurate address when you have the complete yet precise address.

  • GeoCoding & GeoMapping Services: With geocoding services, you can look up addresses and businesses globally. Here using an address text, a location can be formed, and an address depending on the location. For partial or incomplete addresses and place names, this API suggests the precise or complete addresses. Lastly, you can also opt for batch geocoding for many addresses at once.

The Benefit of Integrating an Address Verification API

WooCommerce business owners are missing out on many benefits if they are not using address verification. Read on to learn the top five reasons.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: A big part of WooCommerce success comes from customer loyalty. The majority of business revenue comes from repeat customers. The truth is that selling products to existing customers is much easier than convincing new ones. Through address validation, customers are assured of successful deliveries. Customers are assured of the reliability of your business.

Address verification solutions aren’t used by all WooCommerce businesses; adding this extra functionality shows your user-centric focus. Customers can feel appreciated when you give them a lot of attention. A straightforward checkout process can positively affect your brand if you exert extra effort.

  • Boost Your Conversion Rates: Now that happens because many customers decide not to purchase a product if the checkout process is too complex. You can streamline the checkout process by validating addresses. Additionally, the right address for shipment is ensured, resulting in customer satisfaction.

By using the address verification API, clients type less because they do not have to click every time they enter an address. An increase in conversion can result from this convenience. Customer loyalty and future transactions are also increased when a good customer experience is provided.

  • Better Shipping Outcomes: Using the desired format of your customer format is crucial to make sure the on-time delivery of your products. There are times when businesses or several logistic companies tend to have a hard time locating an address due to faulty or inaccurate format.

Somehow, it is also important to note that various countries or jurisdictions tend to use unique format styles for customer addresses. The address verification API ensures that every address follows the desired standard format for the delivery destination.

  • Reduces the Rate of Mail Returns: So, when you send out a direct mail to an incorrect address, it will only be returned to your business. There is no problem to do so, but somehow the money you spent on the postage is blown away. Also, thousands of returned direct mail could prove a substantial waste of money for your business.
  • Your Customer Mailing List is Up-to-Date: It is crucial to keep up with your customer mailing list to make sure that your customers get on-time services and products. While you can do this manually but it can be ineffective and may consume a lot of your time. An address verification API can make that easier to execute such processes seamlessly at scale.

Last Words

Address verification API for your WooCommerce can help you save a lot of your time and money by eradicating the extra efforts and money you wasted on undelivered shipments or even on connecting to the customers to ensure the correct address.

Here, an ideal address verification should have all the above-mentioned features or functionality that can be operated from a single interface under a single roof.

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