If you have owned a smartphone, obviously you play some games on that. But what type of game you like most to play? If the type is hard and challenging, I have got some of the best hard games for Android that you would love to try and play when you have time.

So, let’s have a look at them …

Protect The Squircle – Fun and Challenging

Our first pick is Protect The Squircle one of the latest fun and challenging games developed by Squrcel Studios. The game is simple yet very fun to play, exciting, and challenging. The rule is simple too, all you need to protect your squircle from incoming enemies towards it. Simply keep tapping over the enemies to destroy them on the way before hitting the squircle.

You need to react fast in order to protect your Squircle from all the enemies. Destroy as many enemies as you can to earn points. Using the points, upgrade your Squircle’s shield, health, hitting-power, and appearance so you can better defeat the enemy while going through all the levels.

It could seem easy at first, but it’s not and you’ll realize that once you go above level 15. So, play, enjoy and try your best to protect the squircle. You can also try another game name “Squircle” developed by the same developer that’s good too.

Download Protect The Squircle for Android

Spout: monochrome mission


Spout is a fantastic game, fun to play, exciting, and hard to be master. The game created based on a nice story, it’s about the monochrome mission in space. Where the Spout is your spaceship and your mission is to go as high as possible to reach the outer space.

The low-resolution graphics may seem not satisfying at first sight! But, in reality, they have been procedurally crafted to make the game lovely to the eyes, after playing a while you can feel that by yourself. Definitely, an ideal game for those who love challenges, adventure, and fun at the same time.

 Download Spout for Android

Brain Dots

Brain Dots hard Game

Brain Dots is another hard game with a simple rule that’s good for brain training. The rule is that make the blue and red balls bump, that’s it! It seems so easy but the truth is it’s very challenging and you need to think creatively to win. Simply draw lines and any shape as you like to force, move, and roll the balls until they bump. Simple and flexible thinking is the best way to victory.

You’ll be given a simple pencil, but as you progress, you’ll be given more than 25 varieties of color pencils, crayons and so on. Play your best to collect all the pencils.

You review and share the moment you passed a stage on video or picture. You can even create your own stages. There are over 3 million stages already created by the Brain Dots’ users!

Download Brain Dots for Android



Duet is a well-known and popular hard arcade game with simple playing rules like the games above. All you need to control two vessels in sync and protect them from hitting obstacles around. Just stay calm and react fast, the more your reflexes will be fast the easier it will be to go through. With smart controls and gameplay, Duet provides both challenge and gaming satisfaction.

It includes 8 chapters of deceptive narrative and exciting gameplay. Besides that, the Survival mode, Daily Challenges, and four other additional chapters of bonus challenges. Also, you can replay any stage to perfect your movements and sync your progress across all your devices.

Download Duet for Android

Orbit – Playing with Gravity

Orbit - Playing with Gravity

Orbit is our last pick on this list which is about playing with Gravity! very interesting! The rule is simple as usual, you need to launch planets flicking your finger and try to place them into stable orbits around black holes. Knowledge in gravity can help you a lot while playing.

It contains 45 free levels with new mechanisms including repulsive black holes and planets with their own gravity that attracts each other. With the pro version, it allows you to create your own levels and share with other millions of players worldwide that’s so cool. So launch as many planets you want around, control time, disable collisions, paint with gravity, and enjoy.

Download Orbit for Android