Best Oil and Gas Courses in the Middle East

The Best Oil and gas courses in UAE aren’t hard to identify, but it does take some effort to figure out what the best courses are in this part of the Middle East, specifically, UAE. Geysers can be found on numerous oil platforms throughout the Middle East, especially in countries like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. These platforms are constructed offshore from the coast of these countries and are used to pump waters full of crude. Crude is pumped by big crane-like machines that have been supplied by the oil company.

Because the drilling of these platforms requires enormous amounts of equipment

The services of experienced engineers are required. UAE has one of the best courses for professionals who want to work in these fields. Oil and gas courses usually begin in a country like Abu Dhabi (UAE) or Dubai before moving on to Middle East destinations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. However, there are a number of countries in the middle east that are better known for their oil platforms than others. Here’s a look at some of these countries.

One of the best courses in the middle east is Dubai

This emirate is well-known for its oil industry. As a result, jobs in this region are abundant. Jobs are also abundant in the UAE as most oil companies prefer to base their operations here.

On the other hand, another good course in the middle east for professionals interested in working on oil platforms is the UAE. This country houses the largest refining and manufacturing complex in the world. A typical day at this factory will involve meeting international business executives and visiting refineries to pick up equipment. Most people employed by such companies have a strong enthusiasm for technology and especially for computer engineering. Therefore, these courses in UAE prove highly beneficial.

A number of courses that are useful for working in the UAE’s oil fields

These include marine and construction engineering, civil and mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, and petroleum technologist training. All in all, the best courses in the middle east for professionals working on oil platforms are offered in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain.

One of the best courses for professionals is hydrocarbon engineering from UK-based institutions. Many oil and gas companies require engineers with significant experience in working on oil rigs. Because of this, the curriculum of such colleges is very extensive. During their study period, students can expect to work alongside experienced engineers and take part in numerous seminars. They may even enjoy a visit to the oil rigs during their free time.

Some of the other excellent courses offered in the UAE

Include those on environmental issues as well as a sustainable building. The curriculums of such courses are excellent as they provide students with detailed information about the issues related to environmental issues as well as the regulations and practices related to it. In addition, these courses provide students with knowledge on various green building technologies used across the region. This technology can reduce energy consumption and increase the life expectancy of buildings. Some of the other topics covered include sustainable landscapes management, land conservation, water resources management, and the use of renewable energy.


Students taking courses in UAE can expect to work in several sectors. For example, there are several graduate employment opportunities available in the oil and gas sector in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, students have to be able to obtain work permits before they can begin their employment.

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