Summer is here and together with higher temperatures and more hours of light, much more free time also usually arrives than, accustomed to the hustle and bustle of winter, on many occasions we do not know how to use exactly, even if we are accompanied by friends. You can explore New Bingo sites UK as well to make yourself entertained with various online games.

In Engadget we have decided to solve those moments of leisure without a clear objective with a selection of the best games with short games that exist today to kill time and have a good time playing, either on the deckchair or on those afternoons of sofa and air conditioning.


Hilarious game to enjoy with up to eight friends at the same time. BombSquad is a game specialized in breaking friendships that take games too intensely, but that will make your group of friends spend a very entertaining time while you wait for a round to eat at the beach bar.

In BombSquad each friend fights for their victory and survival. It is a game full of explosives, of all kinds, which always enlivens any game. Sticky bombs, mines, grenades, TNT … choose your best option and try to explode so that no one makes you fly through the air while you fight to achieve the objective of each game mode.


Local multiplayer game in which the screen of your phone and that of your friend will become a single game track with many possibilities to have a good time together.

It is about challenging your friend to different game modes, all with a fairly simple aesthetic but very good gameplay and guaranteed fun. Score goals, shoot your enemy, play pong … it just requires you to stand in front of your playmate for the effect to be more real. And to compete!

Alto’s Adventure

One of the sensations of 2015 on iOS that ended up making the forced landing on Android. Although its aesthetics is not very summery and we hope soon for a version more in line with this season of the year, this is one of the games that this summer will captivate you and make you forget the heat as you descend infinite mountain slopes.

You start at the top of a mountain and start to pick up speed. Along the way, incredible jumps, obstacles, field fires and deer that will accompany you on a relaxing descent accompanied by a magnificent sound environment and relaxing graphics. Let yourself be rocked by the experience that Alto and his friends bring and go as far as you can.

Party Games

Another multiplayer game, for up to four players sharing a phone with a good screen or a tablet. The idea is to place the device on a table and have a good time playing simple games designed for pairs of players, although they also have individual modes.

The game has eight different mini games, all based on very recognizable classics and very easy to play. In summer there is no time for rules and this game allows you to start playing immediately. Memory games, backgamonn style, crossy road, cross in line … boredom with friends does not exist.