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3 Best Pay Per Minute Chat Apps

Are you looking for adding a new profitable revenue stream through pay per minute chat app or are you looking for a good pay per minute chat app to talk with experts and get solutions to your problems, here in this post you might get help.

So, stay with me until we finish reading about the best pay per minute chat apps. let’s go …

1. Quartrly – Video Calling Marketplace

Quartrly - Video Calling Marketplace

Our first pick is Quartrly – the growing peer-to-peer video calling marketplace where you can connect with anyone like celebrities, influencers, sports players, topic experts, etc. Each video call is set to 15-minutes that’s called a Quartr. So whether you are a famous person or someone who is knowledgeable about a certain topic, Quartrly could be a nice way to make money! It allows you to set your own schedule, pick the days and times you want to take Quartr calls and your customers choose one that’s convenient for them. In addition to that, you’ll decide what you want to charge for a 15-minute video call. So flexible!

As a user, you can book a Quartr very easily. Simply open the app, use the Search field at the top to search for a person or #tag, then pick the person you want to talk to and check out their rate. And after that, if you agree to pay their rate, click the ‘Book a Quartr’ button. That’s it! Moreover, if you want to talk to them right away? You can do a Quartr with them immediately if they have set themselves to ‘Available’. Overall, Quartrly is one of the best get paid to chat apps and there is no dought about that.

Download Quartrly for Android

2. Hummr – Get paid for helping via chats & calls

Hummr is another interesting app that is built for everyone to get help in your projects and tasks, counseling, consulting, advising, and one-on-one tutoring. It’s easy to use, you can easily search for people with their name, email, posts, bio, qualifications, skills, and jobs, and choose the right person who is ideal for your task. The advice provided is always from an individual who has gone through a similar experience making them an expert on the matter. So nothing to worry about getting expert advice or suggestions.

On the other hand, you may become a service provider on Hummr. Just be it advising, tutoring, consulting, or any other services you can provide online through chats and calls and earn money. So if you are good at giving advice on a variety of topics and have excellent communication skills, Hummr could be a new stram for you to make cash.

Download Hummr for Android

3. Peerz – Paid per minute chat

Peerz is our last pick on this list that’s a community based paid pay per minute chat app. Using it, you can become a user, a service provider, or both at the same time. Whether a user can be a person or a business looking for answers or advice on various subjects: marketing, health-coaching, companies, advice, etc. And, a provider is someone willing to provide information and knowledge on a pay per minute basis.

Web Online Studio

Once your account and profile are setup-ed, including your work history and skills, your profile will be available for users looking for help with those terms.

Basically, users post questions or campaigns to be answered by providers, which in turn will offer help. And, once the help is accepted, a conversation is initiated and the clock starts ticking. Then at the end of the conversation, the provider will receive the funds automatically designated from that conversation time.

Download Peerz for Android or Download Peerz for IOS

So, try these best pay per minute chat apps to provide and help others with your knowledge and earn some extra bucks! Enjoy!

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