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3 Best Portable Phone Charging Stations in the UK

Do you know that 50% of people run out of battery at least once every day, and 96% of people don’t carry any power backup! Results, 60% of people choose venues with charging options. So, now, you probably understand the idea. Whether you are a person who lives in the UK and in need of recharging your phone when you are outside, this post might be helpful for you. As well as, for them who want to set a portable charging station in their shop, restaurant, shopping mall, etc. to create a new revenue stream.

So, let’s have a look at the 3 best portable phone charging stations in the UK before starting using them.

BattPoint – Portable Phone Charging Solution

BattPoint is the next-generation phone charging solution in the UK with a network of portable power banks. Mainly, it’s a network of portable, compact, easy to use, and reliable power banks at BattPoint stations. You can even carry those power banks with you all the time. With an easy to use interface and affordable pricing, this mobile app is all set to free you from constantly thinking of where to charge your phone.

All you need to download the app and sign up. Then you can find the nearest BattPoint charging station easily scanning the QR code. Each charging station has a unique QR code and scanning it will unlock access to the power bank. Once you find the nearest station, simply rent it to unlock it and boost your power. Then, when you’re finished, simply return the power bank to any BattPoint Charging Station.

On the other hand as a business owner, you can generate extra revenue from your existing customers and keep them happy with fully charged batteries. BattPoint is also offering COVID-19 Protection which keeps customers and staff safe by minimizing the spread of COVID-19 with UV battery sterilizing lamps. There are more benefits and opportunities of using the BattPoint charging station.


Our second pick is ChargedUp which is pretty similar to the BattPoint. It gives you power on demand for your mobiles and tablets through its network of portable power banks.

SImply, download the app to find the nearest location. ChargedUp stations are located in your favorite venues not only in the UK but also across Europe. Just find the nearest station, scan the QR code on the ChargedUp station to release a power bank, and get charged your phone easily. All portable power banks include cables for all types of smartphones giving you the freedom to charge on the go. Once your phone charged complete, simply return your power bank to any ChargedUp station in the network, from your local cafe to your favorite nightclub.

Learn more on ChargedUp website


ChargeSafe is another popular distributor of phone charging solutions to the hospitality, leisure, and retail industries in the UK. The company has developed an innovative range of secure charging systems that help you drive more customers and significantly increase customer dwell times. Actually, the businesses that offer their customers a secure and safe facility to charge their phones obviously can make a positive impact on their customer’s experience. Results, the customers will stay more time than usual and never think again to come back. It has also a mobile app so users can easily locate the nearest charging station easily using that.

ChargeSafe is offering three types of charging stations. Locker station – safe and 100% secure units so, no missing or damaged phones or claims on insurance.

If you want something cost-effective with 100% revenue generated station, it has that too. But, if you want something super quick and easy to use, then the PLUG ‘N’ GO comes – no matter what business or what the place; permanent or temporary.

Learn more on ChargeSafe website.

I hope, using any of the above phone charging stations, you’ll be able to get rid of the worries about recharging your phone anywhere in the UK.

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