BH Servers Signs Partnership With Virtualizor

BH Servers signs a new partnership with Virtualizor to offer its panel and the technology update of BH Servers’ virtualization service.

The idea is to improve the service that already had a good quality, but that sinned a little in terms of technology, as they are currently using the VMware system of a slightly earlier generation.

This strategy worked and allowed new implementations to be created “When the code [sic] came to us, we were amazed at all the possibilities. I have even programmed some applications to make the customer’s life easier. ”, Points out the support and programming technician, Fernando Rocha.

BH Servers Introduce New Features And New Technology

In addition to this change, BH Servers also released some new features along with the new technology, which is the rescue mode system, which can be used to recover system files without access and the new backup service, done entirely in the cloud.

 The new system will run on a cloud system, with fluctuation, increasing security, regardless of whether it is a linux system or vps windows, since all virtualization is independent of the operating system. We tested the system and realized that really at the level of modernity, we talk about something very up to date. The virtual private server positions itself as a tradeoff between a modest, shared facilitating arrangement and the commonly more costly choice of leasing a committed worker arrangement.

The thought behind this facilitating model is to have the option to offer clients as large a capacities range as conceivable at a reasonable cost. Making virtual generations of individual PC frameworks on a shared facilitating stage is an altogether simpler cycle for web facilitating organizations than planning separate equipment segments for all of their clients. Furthermore, singular visitor frameworks can accomplish a significantly more serious level of freedom through epitome. Each VPS on the shared equipment arrangement can work in wellbeing, protected from different frameworks working in equal.

Facilitate The Customers To Enhance Customer Experience

The whole modernization journey of BH Servers’ virtualization system aims to facilitate the customer’s life in a reliable and safe way, besides allowing the construction of new internal applications and new implementations, taking advantage of the technologies already made available by Virtualizor.

The service is available in beta, but already accepts applications. Just contact BH Servers and request to test the new vps. Just clarifying that not everyone will be able to be part of the beta testing period.