Building your brand is accomplished through telling your story. NetBase Quid empowers your company to connect with the people who are ready to hear it.

Who is NetBase Quid?

NetBase is a cloud-based social media analytics platform. With NetBase, companies can discover industry trends, connect to their customers, and understand the stories of the competitors and their market.

Quid is the pre-eminent tool for text- and voice-based data analysis. Quid provides AI to process billions of data points from millions of sources, both structured and unstructured.

NetBase Quid likes to say that they are a perfect example of putting together two companies where 1 + 1 equals four or five. NetBase had built the premier platform for analyzing social media data. Quid had built a cutting-edge platform to do analysis of news and patents and other textual data. The merger of the two companies gives NetBase Quid customers the ability to find actionable information quickly from billions of social media posts and millions of text documents.

NetBase Quid enables your company to listen to your customers.

Every company needs to know who their aspirational customers are. Every company needs to know which customers they need to interact with, and what is important to them.

Successful companies do a lot of first-party sourcing of data. Quid provides a visual representation of data to support intuition and insight. NetBase provides the social listening needed to transform data into action, identifying relevant voices. With these combined tools, you can identify which customers are talking about your company, which customers are not, what they are saying, and what you can learn from your competitors.

NetBase Quid helps companies to identify trending topics they can exploit with Competitive Intelligenceinsights from social media. Our platform helps your company identify changes in customer emotions and adjust your outreach accordingly.

NetBase Quid helps your company translate insights into action.

NetBase Quid gives your marketing department something to talk about. Our platform gives you company the tools to articulate consumer behavior in brand-agnostic and category-agnostic ways so your company can give your consumers what they want when they say they want it.

Consumer research is only as good as your search query. You need to set the parameters for data collection to build your brand. But with NetBase Quid you can confirm the validity of your search query against tens of millions of conversations in social media. You can identify the conversations in which customers and potential customers talked about the motivation, described their behavior, and described what went into their choices — which you need to know because nobody buys just one product. When you use the themes in NetBase Quid, you can use your machine-based learning algorithms to make actionable insights pop.

Here’s an example:

Coca Cola used NetBase Quid to identify salient selling points in the soft drink market. A customer who enjoys the taste of kombucha, they discovered, looks for rich-tasting coffee. A customer who chugs down their coffee drink to get going in the morning is likely to be concerned about calories.

Understanding salient selling points to different segments of customers increases the effectiveness of sales campaigns. It helps companies expand their revenues in ways that aren’t possible without data transformed into story.

NetBase Quid helps you create virtual events that make a difference.

How can you estimate the attendance at a music festival when you can’t sell tickets? How can you predict and increase engagement with a professional conference, with a political candidate, or with a training session when you can’t count noses in the audience?

NetBase Quid can help your company identify the social media conversations where you have had some wins. It can also help you identify your pain points. It can help you demonstrate how successful your virtual events are, and it can help you identify what your competitors are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

NetBase Quid fills a breadth of business needs, everything from monitoring brand reputation to campaign monitoring, the potential for corporate mergers and acquisitions, identifying key opinion leaders, understanding cultural trends, and really broad market analysis. There is no better tool for bringing value to your customers than NetBase Quid.