Getting a job is still tough but losing it doesn’t take seconds. Yes, you heard it right, job security is a major concern, most of the youth is concerned about. Many working professionals are worried about losing job after an injury. 

Some of the professionals know people who have lost their job after an injury. And some of them think that their company will terminate them if they hire a work comp lawyer. So several people ask about it at the time of their initial consultation. 

If you get an injury on the job and face challenges in filing the compensation claims, for example, insurance provider compensation. Also, you could have a concern about losing your position on hiring an attorney for your work. 

According to Connolly Suthers Townsville Lawyers, the laws will differ from state to state and country to country, however, generally your employer cannot fire you if you are injured at work, or if you hire a workers compensation lawyer, or if you claim for your compensations. It is illegal, and no employer can harass an employee for a reason if an employee is injured at work or hires a work attorney to manage the worker’s comp case. It is also necessary to know that the retribution doesn’t only conclude firing, but you can also face other problems like a denied promotion or being demoted. 

Also, you may be harassed in several ways for raising a work comp case attorney. But this is the whole unlawful scenario of employer retaliation. If you believe that you face the same unlawful retaliation, you can always raise your voice against it as it is not under the laws. Many people have raised their voices to stood by their rights.

Why Would An Employer Fire An Employee For Hiring An Attorney?

As it is already mentioned that it is not under the laws to fire an injured employee. Then what are the reasons that an employee gets fired if they hire an attorney? Well, we believe there are two primary reasons you can understand with the below points. 

  • The employer knows that you are about to hire workers compensation lawyers for one legal issue. It means you are bout to file a case if they violate the law when they terminate you. Several companies want to neglect an additional claim on their organizations.
  • It can harm your employer in the worker’s comp case if they terminate you. One of the methods that employers decrease the salary they pay is workers’ comp, which brings an employee back to work. When they remove you, they mostly lose the opportunity to do this.

What If I Settle My Work Comp Case?

Hiring a work comp lawyer doesn’t affect your job until you decide to settle your comp case, at which your employer can let you go. Most of such matters end up by settling or by voluntary resignation, which is mentioned in the settlement terms. To resolve your work comp case, you might need to resign from your position; else, you’ll be fired as a part of the case settlement. 

Thus, it is necessary to note that only an employee could be forced to separate from their organization at this point in time. If a settlement has not reached this point, your employer cannot ask you to leave according to the laws and regulations just because you are injured, or you’ve filed compensation and hired a lawyer to tackle your case. 

Is It Possible To Keep The Job If I Settle My Worker’s Compensation Case?

Some of the employers permit their injured employees to settle down the case and continue their job. But this totally depends on a case-to-case. Several factors impact if your employer would allow you to continue the job after the settlement of the comp case. So you need not concern about your job in case if you hire a work comp lawyer as it is not under the laws, and you can actually raise your voice if your employer does so.