Cleaning your landscape is the quick and easy way to significantly increase your home’s overall look or improve outdoor living areas with no cost or less at least. For this purpose, you can ask for Pressure washing services.

Pressure washing is a wise choice to clean hardscapes of your property. Using pressure washing, one can clean concrete, bricks and power with a power washer. The equipment that you must have is easily available in the market for purchase or rental services. You don’t need to learn any specific skills for using a pressure washer. All you need is to set goal and pull the trigger.

Well Pressure washing cleaning of concrete can damage it. Here we will discuss the major reasons or ways it can damage concrete.

How Can Pressure Washing Cause Damage?

  1. Inappropriate nozzle

Pressure washers are very powerful machines indeed. If not used correctly, they causes serious damages to the concrete surfaces. Usually, this problem comes with the use of wrong or inappropriate nozzle. If you are going to clean large flat surfaces, it would be better to use the widest nozzle for an even flow of water across the concrete. A direct nozzle tip if used, may damage the concrete resulting in pitting, cracks and degraded surfaces. These, if left untreated, will further break the concrete as a whole over time.

For walkways built out of pavers or bricks, use of too narrow nozzle will result in damage to the mortar between the paving stones, dispersing the joint sand beneath them. Thus, there will be points for weeds to grow between the stones, making uneven walkways.

  • Incorrect distance from the surface

The other problem comes in holding. When a person holds the nozzle too close to the ground surface, and apply too much pressure to one specific area, it is likely that he will cause damages. For best results, the person should stand about 10 feet back from the surface you are going to spray. Then, walk forward slowly so that you can remove the debris effectively. So, pressure washing is good in that it provides quick results and is more satisfying. But its frequent use will damage your concrete surfaces resulting fast wear downs. That is why, it is recommended to pressure wash your concrete just annually. Otherwise, pressure washing cleaning if done frequently, will negatively impact the longevity of the concrete.


Though handy, pressure washing can damage concrete too. Thus, despite of its easy use, it is very important to use this giant power machine in an effective way eliminating the risks of any damage to any person or property. Some serious damages that can be a result of inefficient pressure washing includes stripping paint off, damaging wood decks, ripping off siding and shingles, destroying car paint jobs and sometimes serious injuries.

Actually, the problem is not with pressure washing itself, rather it is all because of unexperienced person. It is more likely that he will choose the wrong nozzle, or opt higher than recommended pressure as he is not aware of the power of the pressurized stream of pressure washer.