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Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Make Your Car Shine

Cleaning car can be labor-intensive work; however, cleaning can give your car not only a new look but also extend its life too. A clean car will attract people towards it, whereas a dirty car will repel people from it and even you as the owner will not want to drive your dirty car. You can take the help of experts of GoKleen to avail their service of car cleaning at home to give your car a clean look. Here in this blog, we have mentioned the way how you can get rid of the bad odor from your car and how to clean leather seats, tinted windows and junk kept inside the car.

  • Remove Bad smell

Do you hold your nose when opening your car door? Or you and your friends notice the odd smell in your car? It may be because a tiny piece of fruit, chips or any edible item fell between the seats or maybe because you forgot anything to take out from the trunk.

Getting rid of these bad odors can be challenging. But a fabric softener beneath your seat can work well to counteract those foul odors and help your car to smell fresh, clean and enjoyable.

  • Give New Life to Your Car’s Leather Seat

Leather is not like a regular cloth; you cannot remove strain and green with soap and shampoo and water that can severely damage leather. To prevent causing the crack, fade and degrade of leather, a leather cleaner can do a great job. But they are expensive. Instead of using leather cleaner, you can apply some simple household materials which probably can bring your leather seat back to life.

You can use a rag dip in warm water and soap to gently wash your seat. This can easily remove a large amount of the dirt or grime which are present on the seat. But make sure not to overdo a particular area and quickly dry the spot after scrubbing. This will prevent the moisture from penetrating the material. After that, you can apply olive oil as a leather conditioner to make your seat shine again.

  • Clean Tinted windows

Some window cleaner works fine outside your car, but when it comes to the inside of the car with the tinted window, they can ruin hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of work. Use the window cleaner that contains an active ingredient which is excellent in removing dirt and fingerprint oil but at the same time can damage the window tint during the cleaning process.

It’s better to find ammonia free window cleaner for your tinted windows as these cleaners are safe when using tinted windows. For outside isopropyl alcohol-containing products can work well as it is excellent in removing bird dropping and tree sap.

  • Clean the Grease from Car’s Interior

Are you sick of seeing the grease from the soft drink spills, coffee stains or crumbs in the inside of the car’s interior? If yes, then you need to clean the stain and grease as soon as possible; either by rinsing it or by gently scrubbing it.

You can even clean it by pouring soapy water on the stain and then let it sit on the stain for a few minutes and then use the soft cloth to scrub it. You can even use the toothbrush for scrubbing the stain area and then use the tissue paper or the microfiber towel to dab the excess water out of it.

When it comes to keeping your car clean and running it smoothly, then GoKleen is the name that people depend on. We have certified technicians who can help in performing everything very easily from cleaning the car to maintenance services. We are honest and best when it comes to professional car cleaning service so that we can give your car a new looks so that it can drive smoothly.

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