You must have heard about different banking systems and their card offers regarding traveling. Most of the banks in UAE can provide you some unique offers on traveling like travel credit cards with unique rewards points. In case you are a frequent traveler then this card can help you to get cheap flight tickets for a specific airline and at the same time you can get free lounge access which is quite expensive on regular days. For frequent travelers, they know that it’s really difficult to wait for delayed flights and waiting in the airport premises is quite pathetic. But this problem can be handle using a specific airline which can entertain you with bets facilities such as Qatar Airways in Pakistan. Everybody has seen the purple Oryx on this unique airline which makes it distinguished from other airlines.

Come to the main point which is related to the differences and services being provided by Qatar Airways and rest of the airlines working all over the world. First of all you will have to check out the differences at major level. For example this unique airline has started an option by using three unique jets at the same time. Although the other companies have also followed the same pattern but they couldn’t afford the three gadgets at the same time.

One of the major difference can be viewed in the service section in which Qatar airline provide maximum facilities to its customers. For example you can have a look at the qatar airline which is only provided by the Qatar airline. Keep one thing in your mind that the national animal of Qatar was completely extinct from the wild and to promote the balance between other species Qatar airline has started few other projects which are in favor of society as well. So we can see that besides running a giant group from business point of view, this unique company facilities the other corporations at major level.

One of the unique initiate which was taken by Qatar airline is the services of long routes. This special service has facilitated lot of customs and it has become a big reason for using tis airline. For example you can have a look at the daily service from Doha to Auckland which is almost the longest flight on earth. By providing some special services including business class and economic class, this airline provide a unique way of traveling. If you have a look at the distance between Qatar’s capital and the biggest city in New Zealand, you will be surprised and amazed which is almost 14,536 kilometers. The flight attendants are going to announce an estimated flight time of 18 hours and 30 minutes.


Keep one thig in your mind that not many aircrafts are able to perform such ultra-long flights due to expensive sources and risk reasons. But Qatar group has managed this task and has become a unique airline by providing this facility using the only suitable candidate in the form of 777-200LR. So I would suggest you to travel through thus unique airline with complete security and safety.

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