ClickAdilla is a multi-format advertising network that covers over 240 countries, generating traffic for any campaign you want to promote. Even though ClickAdilla is mostly known as a push network, it offers a lot of other advertising formats.

Available advertising formats

Internet advertising is primarily focused on getting maximum efficiency at minimum cost, that is, it is aimed at a targeted approach to working with consumers. Among the obvious advantages of web promotion is the reduction of the cost of organizing advertising campaigns and unlimited opportunities to gain the trust of consumers.

The web environment allows the implementation of ideas that are not always feasible in traditional advertising formats and provides fast and effective dissemination of information. And ClickAdilla went all in terms of ad formats:

  1. On-click (Popander) – a standard format that opens when the user first clicks on any area of the site.
  2. In-app –  allows you to broadcast ads in the form of banners of various sizes inside applications. Most often, such advertising is found in free mobile applications or applications with a limited period.
  3. In-stream Video – a new advertising format with the ability to broadcast your ads before watching various video content. The ad unit can be closed after a certain period of time that you set. If you don’t have a video ad you can use the Motion Banner tool to create one.
  4. Banner – banner ads from ClickAdilla allow you to get 8 different types of banner ads, where each advertiser can choose the most effective format and place for their ads broadcast.
  5. Web-Push (Push Notifications) is an effective advertising format for all verticals. ClickAdilla has over 100 million active users from all over the world, to whom you can show your ads.
  6. In-page – this ad format is very similar to Push-notifications, but with one main feature: ads are shown without the user’s consent, and they can be shown to users with IOS platform devices.
  7. Tab Direct Link – this format of advertising allows you to embed a link to your site with specific text in the site navigation.
  8. Interstitial –  this advertising format is shown to users after a certain delay and has a maximum size of 1920×1080 for desktop devices and 900×1600 for mobile devices. Every user will see your ads as banners in this format have 100% visibility.
  9. Notification Widget is a textual banner that appears above the main website content imitating its system notifications
  10. Native ads are a popular format that integrates with site text and typography. It is virtually indistinguishable from the main text and fits in neatly. Users willingly click on links, which can raise CTR up to 50%, if you compare banner ads.
  11. Content feed is a unique tool for «adult» sites because it allows you to list video offers from advertisers. Video previews fit neatly into the overall gallery listing and give high click-through rates.

The network is multi-format, but the main formats are popunder and push. There are ads in apps and iOS calendars. There are no banned verticals in this network, the main thing is not to break the rules in your creatives. There is a separate interface for monetizing sites, with its own cabinet.

There are two options for targeting: by IP range or manual targeting by GEO, devices, OS, etc. The Traffic Chart shows the average click-through rate for different formats over the last week. And there is also auto-click price selection, i.e., you will be automatically shown the recommended bid after selecting a GEO. For convenience, there is quick integration with all popular trackers.


ClickAdilla is a new-generation advertising network where you can launch an advertising campaign quickly and easily. A wide range of targeting and various other settings will help you get the maximum ROI from advertising. The network has more than 11 ad formats and a daily reach of users – more than 4.5 billion. You can buy traffic to any vertical and use any images, except blatant violence.