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Concrete Pump Hire and Its Function

Concrete is the basic element in the construction of buildings, dams, and roads. It is the only material in the construction business that is durable has been manufactured for ages. Concrete is made up of water, cement, and rock aggregate, which makes it durable. Concrete is made on-site using raw material, however, sometimes there is not much time to mix equal ratios manually and work on it to make it in the desired consistency. That is why concrete pump hire is used to ease out the job.

There are mainly two types of pumps that are used in the construction business. Boom pumps and line pumps are commonly used and popular. These pumps make the job easier for the workforce and maintain the quality and equal consistency of the concrete.

What is the function of Concrete pump?

Concrete pump hire is used to pump a high volume of concrete to the desired spot. The only difference between the two pumps is that boom pumps are used for commercial purposes, as they are capable of pumping more amount of concrete. Whereas, line pump is generally used in residential projects where there is not much need for a high volume of concrete in less time.

The boom pump is an automatic pump that does not require the workforce as it is controlled by remote control, whereas the line pump is manually controlled. As commercial projects require enormous amounts of concrete and finish the project in due time, therefore, automatic concrete pump hire comes in handy. These pumps can save time and workers’ efforts. 

Residential projects like houses do not entail the same amount of concrete as commercial, therefore line pumps are best to use for these projects. One thing that is different in these pumps is that it has several hoses that are joined together to make a passage for fluid concrete.

Why concrete pumps are used?

Concrete has two phases. The initial phase is when concrete is in fluid form. The second phase is when the concrete hardens with the passage of time and becomes nearly indestructible. In order to move the fluid form of concrete to the desired location, concrete pump hire is used. Boom pump, being controlled by remote control makes it easy to pour paste-like form of concrete with accuracy. While the line pump joined together by several hoses might make a little mess.

It is not necessary to use a boom pump in commercial construction projects only. These can be used in domestic ventures. But line pumps would not be the best choice for building commercial structure as these pumps will take more time and might cause delays in the project. The line pump is also not capable of pumping a high volume of concrete mix, which means the amount would not be adequate and workers will have to work more. In addition, the factor of accuracy will totally miss out if the line pump would be used for a commercial structure. Therefore, the clear boom pump being modern and functional is the winner in both situations.

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