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Creating A Page Coming Soon: Tips To Follow

Why is it important to create a page coming soon? To give general information about your project when it has not yet been launched online or to let people know of any updates that affect your reality. But the benefits are not limited only to these aspects.

The design of a page coming soon can prove to be a valuable resource for starting to build your target audience, promoting products and services in advance with the publication times.

With a well-made page under construction, you show your presence even before dominating the Google Serp. And encourage visitors to come back later to find out what you have to say. In fact, the goal of a coming soon page is crystal clear: to push individuals to perform an action.

But how to create a coming soon page that attracts attention and remains etched in memory? Let’s find out together.

Write the text for a site under construction

When you decide to create a page coming soon you have to think about the text that visitors will read. On the other hand, this is the first aspect that people will dwell on.

So you must be careful and concise in the choice of words, because they will be information intended to trace the identity of your project, but without revealing too much. Thus, users will be encouraged to return.

But how long should the presentation content be? Don’t go beyond the two paragraphs. You prefer a light and clear text. Points out:

  • What is your website for?
  • Because it is a useful resource.
  • What questions do you answer?

Enter the timer, is it an advantage?

With the timer you tell people how long it is until the launch of your web project. But not only. Show precision, stimulate curiosity and urgency. However, this solution can become a problem if you are unable to meet the set deadlines.

The risk you face? The disappointment of expectations from your audience. If you are about to create a page coming soon Programs For Struggling Young Adults with the timer you must be sure that the launch date is the established one.

Whether it’s a new born website or a consolidated reality, it is important to start on the right foot. Don’t you really want to give up the timer? Then make a countdown coming soon + current year. This way you keep yourself within a broad time frame without running the risk of making false announcements.

Add newsletter subscription

Adding a button to the newsletter on the under construction page helps to keep attention high and is a first step in establishing an intimate relationship with potential customers. With the newsletter you can share pre-launch bonuses: exclusive content, updates on the progress of your project, coupons for the first purchase or the invitation for the beta test of the site.

To incentivize individuals to register for a contact form, write a call to action that manifests the benefits that derive from leaving their email. Minimize the fill in fields: username and email are the best choice. People love simplicity and prefer to save time.

Furthermore, creating a page coming soon with a newsletter inside will allow you to build a first mailing list for future email marketing campaigns.

Don’t forget social contacts

When you are about to create a page coming soon you don’t have to leave out any detail. Remember that the page under construction of your website is like a business card, a springboard that opens a door on your future project. The first impression matters and nothing should be left to chance. So, in addition to the newsletter, do not forget to enter social contacts.

Add only those that you use the most and that are suitable for your reality. You can harness the power of these channels to keep people updated on news about your brand and the news that revolve around the publication of your site.

At the end of the page coming soon also enter your company contacts: email, geographic location, telephone number.

WordPress plugins for the site under maintenance

To warn that your site is under maintenance or close to publication, you can take advantage of the handy and comfortable WordPress plugins. I point out 2 among the best tools:

WP Maintenance Mode: it is among the most popular plugins to create pages coming soon. It allows you to install preset themes, customize PHP codes and upload a CSS file. In addition, in the Modules section you will find the timer, social buttons and other elements that you can use to enrich the space under construction. 

Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode: the strength of this WordPress plugin for the site under maintenance? It has a completely customizable graphics also inserting the PHP and CSS code. The preview function is really useful, it allows you to observe the changes made.

Furthermore, through certain settings, you can prevent Google from seeing your site under maintenance: the search engine will read it as if it were normally online. Another interesting detail of this tool? It connects with MailChimp. This way you collect users’ emails while you’re not online.

Create a page coming soon: how you move

Insert a newsletter, write an effective text, insert essential contacts, write an attractive call to action, and add a deadline that anticipates publication. These are just some aspects that those involved in web design must take into consideration.

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