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An excellent design will not only help speak your message out but will also draw more attention and get great results as well. However, creating a striking graphic design is not easy, and it often requires a great deal of time, talent, and money. But the good news is that DesignCap is here to give you a hand, since it is engineered to simplify the cumbersome process of graphic design and reduce cost dramatically.

The importance of online communication images has been further emphasized in recent years by the explosion of marketing via social networks.

The need to present visual content in the formats used in the different social channels has recently pushed many applications to offer powerful and versatile tools to meet this growing need.

Today, I present to you one of the most recent creations in the field of online graphic editors: Designcap.

Designcap has been designed to best meet the needs of image management in online communication.

Among its characteristics, in fact, there are all the necessary tools to choose, create, modify, and publish the best images on the web of its products and services.

Models and Categories

Designcap has thousands of templates, divided into categories so that they are easily accessible and usable as the basis for your message.

Categories define both the industry or theme you want and the format you are looking for. Cover of the Youtube channel, Facebook article, greeting card, advertising flyer: DesignCap always provides the right format for the job requested.


Therefore, the app can meet any visual communication need and, no less, can guide even less experienced users to the optimal result.

But if that is not enough, Designcap provides a tutorial page and another “school” page, in order to guide the user towards the solution best suited to his needs.

In addition to models, the application allows loading property images, inserting text, graphics, and other geometric shapes, diagrams, and pre-configured modules.

In short, all the visual elements necessary to create an online communication that meets your expectations.

Designcap is free, but paid plans are available, allowing access to an unlimited number of models, downloading its creations in PDF and PNG (in addition to JPG), and other more complex management functions.

  • Limited templates
  •  Limited stock media choices
  •  5 image uploads
  •  Save up to 5 designs
  •  JPG exports

But if you want to choose the paid plans, you can also check this link:

If you choose the Basic Plan, you can have these features:

  •  Unlimited templates
  •  Unlimited stock icons
  •  Unlimited modules
  •  High-res PNG & PDF exports
  •  100 image uploads
  •  Save up to 100 designs

If you choose the Plus Plan, you can have these features:

  •  Unlimited templates
  •  Unlimited stock icons
  •  Unlimited modules
  •  High-res PNG & PDF exports
  •  Upload your fonts
  •  1,000 image uploads
  •  Save up to 1,000 designs

However, even the free profile allows you to create content corresponding to the expectation.


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