You might need a logo to represent your website, company, or brand. If you have a sufficient budget, you may want to find a professional designer. However, if you are struggling to start your own business, you can choose a free online logo generator to get your logo. The DesignEvo logo maker shared in this article will help you customize your exclusive logo in minutes effortlessly.

Website Introduction:

DesignEvo is an online logo generator simple and fast production platform. The downloaded logo can be used in a series of brand-related products, business cards, envelopes, website icons, fax covers, souvenirs and anywhere the logo is needed. A registered account is required to download images. Free users can only download small-size PNG and JPG images. The website provides two other solutions that can be purchased if necessary.


DesignEvo has a variety of templates, up to more than 10,000 in total, such as animal, food, fashion, sports, etc. Or you can find the template you want from the search bar above. Also, you can choose to make your logo from a blank canvas.

For example, if you would like to use the English letter “B” at the beginning of your business logo, if you type B, there will be many templates containing the letter B. Choose the one to modify and make the logo you want.


In the toolbar on the left, there are Icon, Text, Shape, and Background to choose from.

Icon: You can add designed patterns, lines, circles, icons, etc., and you can choose color and transparency

Text: There are more than 100 fonts to choose from, and you can adjust the font size, color, spacing, and line-height

Shape: You can add many patterns, square, star, or some special shapes

Background: Modify the color of the background, or use a transparent background

At the bottom, there are pixels to choose from. For example, the commonly used Logo uses 240 x 240. Choose the pixels you want to design, and you don’t need to cut it out.

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After completing the online logo design, click “Download” on the upper right, and it will jump to another window and remind you that you can download a low-quality logo. After clicking, log in to Google or FB to start downloading.

In addition to downloading low-quality logos for free, DesignEvo also has two plans. The first is a basic plan that costs US$24.99, and the second is an advanced plan that costs US$49.99.

You can purchase the program can enjoy more complete functions and high-resolution graphics files. The advanced program also provides font usage rights, which means that DesignEvo fonts can be used elsewhere on the computer and the right to apply for trademarks.

If you just want to get a small website or fan page, a free low-quality logo is fine. But if you’re going to set up a chain restaurant, a beauty brand, or you are a business that designs logos for others. It is recommended to use with advanced solutions can the finished logo be registered as a trademark.

To sum up

DesignEvo is a simple online logo design software. Various templates allow people who have not studied design to complete their own logo easily. It is quite suitable for users with little needs.

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