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What are the various benefits of having ceramic tiles?

Porcelain tiles are used for covering the floors and even the walls. Another word for these tiles is ceramic tiles. These tiles are available in different kinds, and one can select according to the preferences. One can also find these types in different colours. One can decorate their house with unique designs and a wide range of colours to match giving it an aesthetic look.

The ceramic tiles have many beneficial features like these titles are highly resistant to wear and tend to last for a long time. The tiles have fewer air pockets and it is a much denser material. It is also a thick and hard material. The tiles are very durable, which makes it hard for the tiles to break. The titles also have features like low maintenance. It allows one to clean their floors easily. These tiles are commonly used in the bathrooms, kitchen etc., where the moisture content is more.

The tiles look very stunning with their appearance. The tile is made of high-quality materials, which makes it a luxury component. The tiles are made in many styles like marble, granite, limestone and many others depending on one’s interests. The tiles can be easily cleaned over time and do not leave any kind of stains on the tiles. The tiles can sometimes be used for outdoor installation too.

What are the different types of ceramic tiles?

As a porcelain tile has many beneficial features, one can also find different types of these tiles that will catch one’s eyes as they are attractive, and one can choose to purchase them based on their requirements. The different types of tiles that are available in the market are:

  • Matte or unglazed tiles: These tiles are not glazed with any material and are produced right after baking and firing in the kiln. It does not actually require any kind of treatment after fifing.
  • Glazed tiles: Once the tiles are kept for firing and baking, and once they are done doing that, these tiles are applied with a glazing material. This will allow the tiles to be strong and have a water-resistant feature.
  • Polished tiles: The polished tiles are different from those obtained by the glazed tiles. The tiles are polished after the tiles are baked and fired in the kiln.
  • Double charged tiles: The tiles available in the type can be in the form of glazed, matte, polished or semi-polished. The tiles are produced by a mix of two different types of clays that will give unique designs.
  • Full body tiles: These tiles have different colours and textures on them. The colours and the textures on the tiles can be polished matte or even glazed.
  • Texture or stone finish tiles: The tiles produced by this type have a texture of a stone, and these are used for interior or exterior cladding purposes.

What are the care and maintenance tips for porcelain and ceramic tiles?

When one has an idea of having porcelain tiles in their house, one must also think about the care and maintenance it goes with after installing them. A few care and maintenance tips for these tiles are:

  • One must always clean their tiles with a clean cloth or a mop to prevent the buildup of grease, soil, soap detergents, liquids etc. Regular cleaning of the tiles will allow the tiles to have a better finish.
  • For moderate soiling, one must damp the floor with a cleaning solution and let the tiles sit for a few minutes. During this time, all particles will be free from the tiles, and then one can clean the tiles with a mop or a wet vacuum.
  • For cleaning the textured tiles, one must sweep or vacuum clean the floor. One can also rinse the floor with water and then wet vacuum it or simply damp the floor with a solution and wait for the particles to rinse off.

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