EHR Software For Internal Medicine 

Internal medicine is a very important specialization in medicine. And if you’re reading this, you probably already know since you are either an internist doctor or work for one in their practice! An internist doctor’s job requires them to be very thorough with their patients to ensure they do a good job! And much like you have to be thorough with patients to ensure proper patient care, you need to also be on top of all your patient files, tests and more! In this blog we take a deep dive into Internal medicine EHR software for you so you can make an informed decision about either shifting to an EHR software or switching one. 

Benefits of Shifting to EHR Software 

As an internal medicine doctor, you might be wondering about what specific benefits of having an internal medicine EHR software would be for you. Since most doctors assume that EHR softwares is generally the same for all specialties, we want to clear out this misconception and tell you about the fact that there are dozens of softwares specifically suited for those running internal medicine practices!  

EHR systems synthesize all your patient information seamlessly on an online system which can be accessible even remotely. It eradicates the need for a physical file and folder system saving you tons of money in stationary cost and even labor! From patient files, to scheduling appointments to automatically receiving test results; EHR systems help you do it all! 

As a doctor of internal medicine, you have to deal with a lot of invisible illnesses, a lot of which can only be diagnosed through testing! With an internal medicine EHR software you will be able to receive test results for your patients through the system as soon as they are made available. This helps you cut down the diagnosis time as before you had to wait for patients to physically come in and submit the test results and only then be able to diagnose them. 

Specifications of an EHR Software 


Some of the best internal medicine EHR software advice comes from user reviews! Only someone in your field who has already used the EHR software can categorically tell you if it’s worth it! Some of the best reviewed EHR softwares are: 

Athena health EHR Software

This software is suitable for a practice of any size; whether you’re a small operation or a big one! The software is incredibly easy to use and lets you access it from any device; a computer, a tablet or even a phone. 

eClinicalWorks EMR Software 

This internal medicine EHR software is widely loved in the medical community. With versions and templates available for various specialities, it is amongst the top choices for many doctors and practices. The software is great for a practice of any size and it’s highly responsive interface that allows you to customize it has proven to be very popular among users. 


The pricing for different EHR softwares varies quite a bit. Depending on the scale of your practice and your requirements, we can suggest the best software for your specific needs. We always make sure to set our clients up with a software which is the best option for them and their pocket! If you want more information about this, please call us at  (747) 228-0144 during work hours and we will gladly help you out!