What is eToro Australia?

eToro Australia is a global financial investment network, which connects people from around the world. The site allows you to trade several different assets, including foreign exchange and stocks. eToro Australia serves as a social trading platform for personal investors, where you can watch other traders’ activity and get advice on how to improve your own trading techniques.

Telling you how to invest your money is not what we do at eToro Australia. We believe that everyone should be able to invest their hard-earned money as they wish. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for any individual with an Internet connection to start trading today. We want everyone to understand how financial markets work and what they can achieve with a little knowledge, hard work, and dedication.

Fee Structure

The etoro fee structure is simple and competitive. The etoro fees are very low indeed, you will still have to pay $1 per lot traded, but that is the only cost associated with trading.

Tight spreads and fast execution mean eToro is a great choice for active traders. It only charges a .09% fee on sales and a .01% fee on deposits. For stocks, bonds, and commodities when they are sold, there is a 0.1% fee plus an additional 1% of the value of the transaction.

Where is the money gathered from?

When you place a trade at eToro, you are buying and selling assets at their price. If you place an asset order that falls below the market price, then eToro’s system will automatically fill in the order by purchasing those assets on your behalf. This is called “market-making”.

When you sell an asset using market-making, eToro takes a small cut of each transaction as payment for providing liquidity in the market. The rest goes to you.

The easiest way to explain it is that eToro makes money from:

Market Makers Fees – when you buy or sell an asset via market making* Spreads – when you buy or sell an asset with a spread Commissions – when you trade assets through the eToro platform.

What Can Be Traded On Etoro Australia?

eToro is an online social investment network that allows you to trade stocks, ETFs, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. It also has an extensive list of copy trading opportunities from thousands of traders available for every market.

Trying to get your head around what can be traded on eToro has been a common question asked by many new traders, especially those who have never used the platform before. And with so many options on offer, it’s easy to see why this question is asked so often. With this in mind, here is a breakdown of what can be traded on eToro Australia:

Trading Assets:

Stocks, ETFs, and CFDs are the main assets that can be traded using the platform. Stocks are basically company shares and they represent a claim on part of a company’s assets and earnings. ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund, while CFDs are Contracts For Difference. A CFD is an agreement between two parties in which one party pays money to buy the other party’s stake in an underlying asset which is usually shares or commodities. The difference between the price at which they buy and sell is the revenue earned by the broker (eToro).