Ever Realize You Never See German Shepherds, But They Are So Popular?

It’s an official statistic that the German Shepherd breed is among the top dog breeds in the United States. One thing you may or may not realize is that in public, you don’t see too many of them.

Think about it. When you see someone walking their dog, can you remember seeing someone walking a German Shepard? Or, can you remember seeing a German Shepard at all? If you actually give it some thought, most people will say that it’s not often that they can recall.

It’s kind of weird, especially since the German Shepard is ranked #2 among the most popular dogs in the U.S. So, why is this?

Why do you ask? There’s more than a few reasons this may be attributed to:

Puppy mills are the most significant factor. This breed has a lengthy history of popularity. Because of this, puppy mills are notorious for mass-producing popular breeds of dogs in large numbers, similar to cows. Puppy mills are solely concerned with the appearance of dogs, not with how their breeding affects disposition. As a consequence, many German Shepherds presently are prone to behavioral disorders. Furthermore, treatments for behavioral disorders due to their genetics are generally ineffective. Unfortunately, Shepards can react with aggression due to fear of other dogs or strangers.

German Shepards are beautiful animals. However, new Shepard owners sometimes overlook the fact that they are a breed that is both athletic and highly intelligent. When German Shepherds are not sufficiently stimulated, behavioral problems. This is something to keep in mind, a German Shepherd needs a lot of attention, training and maintenance, similar to a shiny new sports car. Otherwise, they can be a problem.

People keep German Shepherds confined in their homes and/or behind gates because of their behavioral concerns. This is one of the main reasons you seldom see them in public.

If you love the German Shepherd breed and your dog is exhibiting undesirable behavior, what should you do? You need to evaluate both your job and family life before getting a German Shepard. As we laid out above, they need regular physical and mental stimulation. You have to make an honest assessment of how much time you and your family can devote to the dog.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you should get a puppy. Finding a well bred German Shepherd may be extremely difficult. Adoption may be a better route, as a rescued German Shepard may have prior history about their behavior so you have a better understanding of how this particular Shepard will be to deal with. Some Shepards may be what they call “special needs”, which will require even more attention than another dog.

Your home environment is also a concern, which you need to think about before getting yourself a German Shepherd. And, one last reminder, really do your research before getting a puppy German Shepard.

Again German Shepherds are an excellent breed, but as with any dog, you cannot leave them unattended. The last thing you want is your dog to harm another animal or person. This could leave you feeling extremely guilty, as well as legally responsible for any harm done. If this happens, hire a dog bite lawyer in NYC or dog bite lawyer in Jersey City if that’s where you live. You don’t want to deal with a dog bite case without a legal expert by your side.

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