Explore the 10 Most Popular Museums & Art Galleries in Singapore

Travelling isn’t just about showing off pictures and videos on social media platforms. It is also about exploring new things in the world. Singapore is the perfect example comprising modern skylines, unforgettable adventures, wonderful experiences, and more. Singapore is also known as the cultural hub of historic museums and art galleries. However, before you start packing your bags, you need to have your Singapore visa which is mandatory. After figuring out the visa, these are the 10 most popular museums and art galleries you need to visit during your time in Singapore.

For let’s start with the list of popular museums:

  1. ArtScience Museum – The ArtScience museum is one of the best museums in Singapore known for its exhibition and works with the combination of architecture, technology, art, design, media, and science from artists like Leonardo da Vinci, and Andy Warhol, and Salvatore Dali. An interesting fact about the ArtScience Museum is the interactive digital installations called the Future World that refreshes every few months.
  2. National Gallery Singapore – The art industry changed the moment the National Gallery opened. Here, you are bound to find some of the best and largest public art collections in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Looking from the outside, the structure itself looks breath-taking, comprising state-of-the-art facilities. This museum is also known for its restaurants, the rich history, vision, and values of Singapore.
  3. National Museum of Singapore – Known as the oldest museum in Singapore is the National Museum of Singapore established in 1887. You are bound to experience the city’s culture and history with the help of modern multimedia exhibitions and live performances. Upon entering the museum, there is the Singapore History Gallery and more that defines the development of Singapore.
  4. Mint Museum of Toys – Located at 26 Seah Street, which is already one of the best Singapore tourist spots, is the Mint Museum of Toys. This museum isn’t just meant for kids but also for adults. You will be taken back to your childhood memories while browsing through a collection of more than 50,000 vintage playthings. To get more insights, you can visit their Instagram page.
  5. Trick Eye Museum – The name itself is known to play tricks on your mind. The Trick Eye Museum is an attraction that is home to 6 themed zones. These zones play a huge role in capturing those Instagram-like pictures. Now, that’s going to get you more followers, right?

Now, let’s focus on the art galleries in Singapore:

  1. Art Now – The Art Now is home to a state-of-the-art gallery and the Raffles Shopping Arcade is home to a lifestyle retail store, members’ lounge, and furnishing space. This concept showcases unique art and design. For NFT lovers, there is an NFT artwork to check out as well if you wish to.
  2. Gillman Barracks – If you are looking to witness contemporary art with unique art galleries then the Gillman Barracks is the place to be. Here, you can visit Mizuma Gallery and Ota Fine Arts which showcase Japanese art. Local artists are showcased at the Fost Gallery. Finally, there is Yeo Workshop which is the art gallery for local and international artists in Singapore. Gillman Barracks is indeed one of the most famous places to visit in Singapore.
  3. Cuturi Gallery – The Cuturi Gallery is home to local and international artists that are surrounded by the colour white. This is a minimalistic gallery that runs programmes to support local and international artists to showcase their talent.
  4. Goodman Arts Centre – The Goodman Arts Centre is one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore. Home to seven acres of art goodness, this place is known to offer modern facilities, creative groups, and arts from the precinct of the heritage-rich Mountbatten.
  5. Shout Art Hub & Gallery – Located at 6 Scotts Road, here, you are going to find colourful and contemporary artwork. The artwork is playful but also thought-provoking. You can visit their website to learn more about the artwork but also purchase it if required. Paintings on a canvas, origami pieces, and ceramic sculptures are some of the artworks you will find.

If you are planning to visit Singapore, you should consider giving some thought to visiting these 10 popular museums and art galleries if you love art and culture.

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