When you are already listed as a seller with Amazon, you might know the importance of providing Amazon Enhanced Brand Content for your product to survive and become successful on world’s largest e-commerce platform. You can find the Amazon PPC Management Agency which can guide you throughout the process. In case you wish to do that yourself, here are some factors that helps you understand how EBC works.

Factors affecting Amazon EBC Approval & Rejection

Once you’ve uploaded and submitted your EBC application, it will take around a week for your Enhanced Brand Content to go live (or be rejected). The reason might be one of the following:

  • The failure to comply with the image specifications listed by Amazon.
  • If you reference or link your online business website or provide contact information to somewhere operating outside Amazon.
  • Never use copyright or trademark images or logos.
  • Seasonal trends information.
  • Any guarantees or shipping time info.
  • Misspellings in your description.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Best Practices & Tips

Here are some tips for when it comes to actually writing and designing your Enhanced Brand Content:

  • Use fonts & colors that matches with your brand image – This should be obvious, but EBC is your chance to have a little bit of your own branding on the world’s biggest eCommerce site. 
  • Try not to repeat images from your product images – This is against the rules anyway but it’s an easy one to miss. If a user is scrolling down through your EBC and finds an image they’ve already seen, they may just assume it’s all repeated content and stop reading right there.
  • Text you provide should directly relate to the images next to them – Ideally by describing in more detail the benefit that is shown in the related image
  • Don’t forget about keeping it apt – Keep each text area about one specific topic, keeping it concise and impactful. Talking about too many things just makes the whole thing confusing to the reader.

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