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The English Premier League is the most well-renowned and bankable sports league in the world. The sporting tournament has plenty of loyal fans in various locations in the world, which is why it is important that sports fans are well-acquainted with the upcoming matches in the EPL as well as the prediction of how well the game will turn out.

In this football live betting recommendation, we will discuss the tips and predictions related to the matches of the Premier League.

Brentford v Tottenham

In the past five appearances of Tottenham in the current season of the English Premier League, the squad has lost three times. As a result, the form of Tottenham was not consistent throughout the season. 

In their upcoming match with Brentford, Tottenham will visit the grounds of The Bees at West London. Meanwhile, their opponent has won their previous league match to guarantee they will ascend to the top half of the ranking table. 

Crystal Palace v Fulham 

In the previous seven league matches of Crystal Palace, the squad has won four times. This is an indicator that the team is slowly improving its form in the season. 

Crystal Palace is set to clash with Fulham in the upcoming match week of the EPL. In the match, Crystal Palace has the upper hand against Fulham which has lost two of its games in the season. Meanwhile, Palace also was undefeated in their last five matches against the aforementioned club.

Everton v Wolverhampton

In the previous three league games of Everton, the club never won at least one. Additionally, the side of Coach Frank Lampard had a problem producing goals in their recent football live matches. In their six scheduled matches at the tournament, five of them were goalless.

Luckily, Everton will be clashing with the team that has the lowest scores in the Premier League ranking table. This season, the Wolves managed to score at least eight goals in their 15 appearances at the tournament.

Leicester v Newcastle

Both Newcastle and Leicester have strong form before the international break for the 2022 World Cup. The Foxes dispelled their poor start to the campaign, with their four victories from their previous five league matches. 

On the other hand, Newcastle got away victorious in their five league matches and are undefeated in 10. As a result, they may have an edge over their opponents in this football live schedule.

Southampton v Brighton

In their past three matches, Southampton lost all of them consecutively. Coach Nathan Jones, will be expecting to win their upcoming match as the manager of the squad for the first time. The Saints have a positive start to the season following their commendable performance in their 3-1 defeat against Liverpool.

The squad is scheduled to clash with Roberto de Zerbi’s Brighton who was placed in the seventh position in the Premier League ranking table.

Aston Villa v Liverpool

Unai Emery has had a good start to the campaign as the new coach of Aston Villa following their double win at their league matches where he is at the helm. 

Meanwhile, Liverpool prevailed in each of their respective tournament matches. However, their patchy form has placed them in the sixth position of the ranking table. Although they have been victorious in their last four matches with Villa which gave them more edge over their upcoming contender.


The current season of the English Premier League is filled with intense action and drama. The fixtures are well-balanced with exciting matches that Vietnamese sports punters can place their wagers on. We hope that the tips and predictions that we imparted in this Soikeobongda short betting guide served as an inspiration for your next betting sessions.

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